Apple to Develop Its Own Baseband Chip for the iPhone?

Apple to Develop Its Own Baseband Chip for the iPhone?

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Apple is reportedly planning to form a R&D team to develop its own baseband chips for future iPhones, reports DigiTimes.

The baseband would make its debut in the 2015 iPhone and Samsung Electronics and Globalfoundries would reportedly handle manufacturing.

Although some sources also indicated that Apple may develop SoC chips that will integrate application processors and baseband chips, it is more likely that Apple will continue to use discrete baseband chips, said the sources.

Apple currently gets its baseband chips from Qualcomm who outsources manufacturing to TSMC. DigiTimes notes that the global production value of baseband chips for handsets totals about $16-19 billion a year and Qualcomm currently has over 50% of the market.

Apple already develops its own processors based on the ARM processor architecture. Developing its own baseband chip would give it more control over the components that go into its flagship device.

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Apple to Develop Its Own Baseband Chip for the iPhone?

Fukran John - April 8, 2014 at 4:29pm
ROFL. That's probably one of the best joke after long time. What's there in iPhone which own by appple? Absolutely nothing. Processor / memory / screen / chips / flash etc all are made by others. And lion share comes from Samsung. And they blame Samsung for copying their products. lol. All what appple do is loot iSheeps and use their money. After 7 to 10 years now they thinking of making their own
Tony - April 8, 2014 at 6:01pm
Fukran John - Best part is, its a premium device, its so premium that, the black coating on the black iPhone 5 chips and peels away, cause its painted on lol... And they dont offer a replacement and say its normal wear and tear lol... And the phone shatters in the first drop lol... Like he said, Apple is so premium they need other people to make the chips and rely on other companies... iPhone has been copying since the original iPhone, even Steve Jobs CEO said it him self, go watch this video again, stating he steals idea.....
K - April 8, 2014 at 9:56pm
Tony-Stony, you really think a fcking touchscreen really matters first. Sure let's just reach out and poke the screen and get rid of the mouse. Seriously, what purpose does touchscreen serve for a computer if we have tablets and phones for it just like sizes like the gaylaxy and their big ass screen shit? You have been believing in what you have expected since samshit was born being the delusioned fanboy barely anyone supports. What's this copying business if apple made the first computer in the 80s, then the music players first, then iPhone in 2007, atv in 2006, then ipad in 2010? Explain that dumbass. Multitouch was for the damn computer but was it popular in the first place, and comparing that to a phone? How defensive can you be? It's new for the phone because no other fcking phone had a touchscreen until iPhone revolutionized it. Grow a life instead of gluing yourself here just to win a rant less fight you'll do nothing to stop at. You don't know what you think you do. If apple didn't invent anything, what else was first before iPhone with a touchscreen on a phone, what other streaming device was there before atv other than cable, what about the goddamn music player, if you are such a smart ass wannabe how do you expect to know crap about apple if you don't give a shit about it? You're a rip off to reality because you spend all day using your illogical mindless bitchness to defend yourself over nothing. Everything is always your way, just blah blah blah. More like samsheep praying again for luck again. Keep whining and crying all you want with moronic crap you wish for. You borean worshippers are fools, you just won't admit why the galaxy still has it's black holes keeping it from getting any jd power awards which proves why you still treat you troll hole home with mind rape. Sorry we don't speak fanboy bullshit. The best part was you were born by samshit to fight for them to spread their feelings. HARHARHARHARHAR Fus all you want bragging bitching scumbag, we're not a gimmick compared to a retard because we're not desperate like you, plus it all proves your life, have fun wasting it more!
Tony - April 8, 2014 at 2:27pm
K- You are really dumb, who cares if apple designs it, I can design anything you want. If you cannot find someone to make it (which where the real innovation comes) then you will be looking at ONLY a drawing. If your theory is right, just draw a house and say you designed it. And have no builders, it will be worth NOTHING, just like Crapple is. Without Samsung there would be no chips to but inside your CRAPPLE phone. Learn something, apple cant do shit, and last time I checked, since we are on the copying part, isn't crapple copying samsung now coming with its own watch too ? Samsung released it first, what they going to do, make it better? With its limited stupid OS. Without Google, you wont have shit, and speaking of bashing google, and samsung, I wondering what search engine you use, safari is so shit, that you cannot even search for a word in the address bar in the browser. PURE CRAP!
Great! - April 8, 2014 at 3:10pm
Tony, you are the dumb one. You think Samsung is the only company that can fabricate the chips? Just wait till Apple shifts it's production away from Samsung...then you can cry for them.
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