Apple Lowers Maximum iPhone 5 Trade-In Value to $225

Apple Lowers Maximum iPhone 5 Trade-In Value to $225

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Apple has lowered their maximum trade-in-value of the iPhone 5 to $225, down $45 from the previous $270 it offered for the device. When the program first launched, Apple offered only $250 for the device, but as time went on, the maximum value reached $275. While trade-in prices fluctuate, today's price of $225 is the lowest yet.

Apple has made the change to both Canada and US retail store pages, and we expect they will make changes to other countries shortly. Just recently, Apple expanded the program to Italy with plans to bring it to Australia shortly.

iPhones do lose value over time, so it is likely Apple had to adjust the price in order to keep up with the market. Of course, the iPhone 6 launching this fall, so Apple could be preparing for that as well.

For those unaware, Apple's reuse and recycle program allows customers to trade in their iPhone in at Apple stores for credit towards the purchase of an iPhone 5s, iPhone 5 or iPhone 4s. Apple also offers this program for iPads.

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Apple Lowers Maximum iPhone 5 Trade-In Value to $225

Fukscrawn John - July 2, 2014 at 5:11pm
What a deal. Too bad gaylaxy lovers could have switched if they wanted to, this is why staying on the healthy (fruity) side gets you better service. It's like switching to tmobile.
Tim - July 3, 2014 at 5:33am
How is this a good deal? They lowered the trade in, not raise. Samsung vs Apple... Lol, just use an old Nokia. Battery lasts a week, and wonk break. Imagine that in a drop test, the guy would be dropping from on top of a building
Steve - July 3, 2014 at 11:45am
Pfft. How can you be nokia. Besides this guy says it's a deal because it's way cheaper, can't you have some appreciation? Besides who needs lumpia? I know someone who has dropped his iPhone in a case, not one shatter and the battery lasts enough for him so it's perfect, but who wants one that lasts for a week?
Apple Dick - July 5, 2014 at 1:39pm
That why you are fuking dead, and Bill still alive and kicking. only smart people can see Nokia as the best cell phone ever made.
@Apple Dick aka Samshit zombie - July 5, 2014 at 1:45pm
The real question is why are you fcking here? Bill is still being Dill. If he is kicking explain why people moved back to 7 like nearly the whole world did, in fact that explains why lumpia is like samshit, both are wannabe phone, think of the market shares for example, what does that prove? Their existance like yours. lol Dill can be alive all he wants, he can fix what he broke. Windoze 8 is officially the new vista. If I had used windows though, it's 7. Who needs clunky scattered interface with no textures? It's evolution, the higher up, the more it looks like the 80s. After all these years though this signs as Dill giving up doing what he did with shattered glass nowadays, thereby he know's we all went to Mac and never go back, even a bit more than half the users are on the latest osx, sure there's a new look with the same layout, would you want that, or something that takes years to figure out, pick your poison and suffer it.
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