Tim Cook Sends Memo to Employees on IBM Partnership, Says 'I'm Really Excited to See It Take Off'

Tim Cook Sends Memo to Employees on IBM Partnership, Says 'I'm Really Excited to See It Take Off'

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Apple CEO Tim Cook has sent a memo to employees about the company's "groundbreaking new partnership with IBM". As one would expect, Cook is "really excited to see it take off".


Today, we announced a groundbreaking new partnership with IBM that will enable enterprises to put the power of big data analytics at their employees' fingertips on their iOS device. This exclusive global partnership brings together Apple's legendary ease-of-use and integrated hardware and software with IBM's unmatched industry depth, enterprise software and expertise in big data analytics.

It also builds on the incredible momentum in Apple's enterprise business. iPhone and iPad can be found in 98% of the Fortune 500. People love to use iOS devices and Apple delivers the things companies need most -- security and scalable deployment along with a powerful platform for apps. With this announcement, we're now putting IBM's renowned big data analytics at iOS users' fingertips, which opens up a large market opportunity for Apple. This is a radical step for enterprise and something only Apple and IBM can deliver.

IBM is known for helping customers leverage big data and analytics to make their businesses run better. With over 100,000 consultants and sales professionals, they also have massive scale and global reach. IBM's sales and consulting teams will also be selling iPad, iPhone and AppleCare for Enterprise as part of the partnership.

This partnership brings together the best of both companies. It's great news for Apple, IBM and for enterprise customers worldwide and I'm really excited to see it take off.


Click here for more details about the partnership...

Tim Cook Sends Memo to Employees on IBM Partnership, Says 'I'm Really Excited to See It Take Off'

Queen Barack Hussein Obama - July 16, 2014 at 2:58pm
My loyal minion. Tim Crook! Way to go girl!
Fukscrawn John - July 16, 2014 at 9:17pm
You queer the obamination, way to outlive yourself beibarf. Obama are isn't for him.
Fukscrawn John - July 16, 2014 at 1:06pm
mackan1 - July 16, 2014 at 7:07am
I work for IBM and have not heard anything about this till today
iPhone Dick - July 16, 2014 at 5:18am
Why won't they admit they cannot do it on their own. Apple always going around looking for help under the radar, right from the beginning. Innovation at it's best. Steve took apple with him, the ought change the name and logo to a cook slicing the apple in two. I call that trying to compete with Microsoft really Bad, but they need a Big Brother like IBM. Just remember History, apple owe it's existence to Bill Gates. Yes Bill Gates got apple out of bankruptcy. Nokia.
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