Verizon to Begin Throttling Unlimited LTE Data Plans in October

Verizon to Begin Throttling Unlimited LTE Data Plans in October

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Verizon has throttled unlimited 3G data plans for years now, but now the carrier has plans to do the same with 4G LTE. Beginning October 1st, Verizon will throttle unlimited 4G LTE data customers if they meet all of the following criteria:

● You have an unlimited data plan
● Your data usage falls within the top 5% of all Verizon customers. Currently that threshold is 4.7GB
● You have completed your contract term (you're a month-to-month customer)
● You are in an area that is experiencing high demand

Verizon is quick to note that it is not technically throttling customers. Instead it is 'implementing network optimization practices.' Verizon says that unlike throttling, you're speeds under network optimization will only be reduced if you are connected to a cell site that is under a heavy load (and your usage is already in the top 5%).

Verizon tells customers that they can switch to their usage-based data plans to avoid 'network optimization'

AT&T has been throttling their unlimited data customers on 3G (3GB) and 4G LTE (5GB) for years now as well. However on AT&T, once you reach either 3GB or 5GB (depending on if you're using 3G or 4G LTE) you will be throttled for the entire cycle, even if the cell site you are connected to is not experiencing a high demand.

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Verizon to Begin Throttling Unlimited LTE Data Plans in October

JuergenWest - July 28, 2014 at 1:12am
So could one simply turn off LTE and use 3G instead on Verizon? In our market 3G is faster than LTE anyway. (Verizon)
Vueapp - July 28, 2014 at 12:42am
FCC or whoever should go after these companies for using the word unlimited when it is not. It's funny. Americans love unlimited this or that. It's a consuming culture but most people don't ever come close to 4.7gb. But still we like the idea to be unlimited and not throttled. This probably benefits everyone but still we don't like. I definitely don't like companies to use the word unlimited if there is an ounce of throttling. They need to use another word if they don't want to piss people off.
Nat - July 28, 2014 at 12:49am
What's even irony is verizon keeps saying "for the best results, use verizon" in their ads. Is this what they meant? Is the CEO fed up with his head in the ass after all the lying and claiming themselves? Even the lte coverage comparing others and stating it "reality check" is more like wannabe check because they wish they were like it but failed at proving it. They even think they're better at everything and now this, that sums it all up is them taking away what meant about a carrier. Verizon has officially became lure-izon. What good did they do before compared to T-mobile?
Rambo$ - July 27, 2014 at 6:58pm
Blah blah blah suck my D#£$ Verizon.
That's "Powerful" - July 27, 2014 at 3:40am
No matter how this quote was used in every way to mislead and trick, they failed to prove what they didn't be, they should change it to "that's bullshit" because it's not as powerful as it looks even for something to trick you into. Screw the CEO, his wannabe maps visualization and judgement, and screw anyone having last hopes with them!!
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