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Ryan Petrich Releases Biggest Update to Activator in Over a Year

Ryan Petrich Releases Biggest Update to Activator in Over a Year

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Ryan Petrich has released Activator 1.9, the 'largest release in over a year'. Activator provides centralized gesture, button and shortcut management for iOS and is widely supported by many tweaks.

The update features many new features and lots of bug fixes.

What's New:
● New modern icon styling for home screen, actions and built-in icons for many actions
● Many new developer APIs
● Add custom alert listeners
● Add "Ask Siri" custom actions
● Better UI for multiple assignments
● Add lock screen clock swipe down event
● Add network-specific leave Wi-Fi events
● Add "message" custom action type
● Add screen brightness custom action type
● Add Speech Synthesis features
● Support battery charge state events
● Add profiles feature
● Add custom volume level actions
● Add ability to customize Flipswitch switch settings
● Add Bluetooth connect/disconnect events
● Add icon hold and double tap custom events
● Add specific fingerprint match events
● Allow automatic unlocking to send action on iOS 7
● Adjust Activator app layout on iPad
● Support touch gesture behaviour on 7.1
● Fix lock screen status bar double tap event on iOS 7.x
● Better error message when having trouble communicating with SpringBoard
● Fix short/long hold home button events on 7.1
● Fix double press home button event on 7.1
● Fix icon rendering in the settings pane on iOS 7.1
● Fix triple click home button event on iOS 7.1
● Hide Tencent's migration service app on iOS 7.1
● Fix iBlank-related crash
● Fix Activator corruption message when error localization is missing
● Support biometric events on iOS 7.1
● Better accessibility support in Activator's configuration
● Sort numbers naturally
● Support Dictation action on iOS 7
● Fix group arrow styling on iOS 7
● Add action to go directly to Facebook settings
● Fit more items on settings panes in landscape
● Support libhide on iOS 7
● Add ability to search actions back to iOS 7
● Allow notification center on lock screen on iOS 7
● Fix lock screen media controls not working on iOS 7
● Adjust settings page styling
● Hide additional iOS 7 view services
● Fix lock screen clock actions on iOS 7
● Snooze alarms instead of dismissing them on iOS 7
● Adjust shake event behaviour to not repeat in all cases
● Fix group expand/collapse style on iOS 7
● Fix crash when sending biometric event when lock screen camera is up
● Block automatic clickthroughs in the ad view
● Reenable biometric sensor when event mode changes, so that the event always works
● Fix shutter/camera actions on iOS 7
● Support slide gestures on the lock screen on iOS 7
● Fix single-press menu button event at lock screen on iOS 7
● Update localizations

Activator is available for free on the BigBoss Cydia Repository.

Ryan Petrich Releases Biggest Update to Activator in Over a Year

Astacio - July 29, 2014 at 2:13pm
Best tweak ever!!!! THANK YOU
Jafet eduardo - August 23, 2014 at 3:30am
Soy jafet