Parallels Announces Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac With Support for Yosemite [Video]

Parallels Announces Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac With Support for Yosemite [Video]

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Parallels has launched Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac and Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac Enterprise Edition, new versions of its software to help users run Windows applications on their Mac.

Parallels Desktop 10 will bring many of the announced features of Mac OS X Yosemite to Windows and Windows applications, supporting iCloud Drive, iMessages and SMS text sharing from Windows, and control of virtual machines from Spotlight preview and Finder QuickLook. New ease-of-use improvements include Wizards that guide users through optimizing their experience, improved performance and battery life, and improved usability between operating systems so that people can complete tasks more quickly. Parallels Desktop 10 gets out of the way so customers can think less about the tools being used and more about what’s important. It also offers the choice and freedom to use whatever operating system fits your needs – including OS X Yosemite, OS X Mavericks, Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Windows 8, Windows 7, Chrome OS, Android and a number of Linux operating systems – all on one computer.

Parallels Desktop for Mac Enterprise Edition
Parallels is also updating Parallels Desktop for Mac Enterprise Edition ( — the best way to provide Windows applications on Macs in a corporate environment. Now IT managers can support Windows applications for Mac users with a configurable, policy-compliant solution that easily fits into existing IT business processes. New features allow administrators to select and enforce a USB device policy, install OS X guests using a NetBoot image from a server on the corporate network, encrypt OS X virtual machines with the help of the FileVault encryption feature built into OS X, and check the status of licenses and reclaim seats directly. Built upon the world’s best-selling Mac desktop virtualization solution, it adds centralized administration and management capabilities as well as enhanced security to keep IT in control of virtual machines.

Regardless of whether it’s ease-of-use, increased productivity, or better performance, Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac offers improvements across all fronts:

Performance and Optimization:
● Users can now open Windows documents up to 48 percent faster
● Battery life is extended by up to 30 percent giving people additional work time when they need it most
● Virtual machines use up to 10 percent less Mac memory
● New virtual machines with default settings launch Office 2013 applications up to 50 percent faster
● Virtual machine only takes as much disk space on the Mac hard drive as it needs. Real-time optimization automatically compacts virtual disk eliminating the need for periodic manual compacts.
● Free Disk Space Wizard allows to review and clean up space used by Parallels Desktop and Virtual Machines

Easy to get started:
● Now with one click users can select from a number of choices to optimize their virtual machine based on what their primary usage is: productivity, games, design or development
● The new Parallels Control Center is a one-stop-shop for managing Parallels Desktop; it allows users to manage all their virtual machines and configuration settings from a single place
● Windows installation has been streamlined, with new ways to configure virtual machines
● Regional settings from the Mac are now set by default in Windows virtual machines

Seamless integration for best user experience:
● Users can share files, text or web pages from Windows using Internet accounts configured on their Mac such as Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, Flickr; or send them via email, AirDrop and Messages.
● When users install a new Windows application, its icon will automatically be added to the OS X Launchpad
● The unread email indicator on Outlook lets users see at a glance the number of unread emails in Outlook, just like with Apple Mail
● Users can drag and drop files to the virtual machine icon in the Dock to open in Windows
● Users also have the ability to easily restore any setting to its default value by clicking the Restore Defaults button in the Virtual Machine Configuration window
● Users can drag and drop files to Mac OS X virtual machines

Great for Development, Design, and IT Pros
● Create linked clones of your virtual machine
● Support for Vagrant Provider
● Support for 16 virtual CPU and 64 GB RAM per virtual machine
● Nested virtualization for Linux guests
● Create a virtual machine from VHD and VMDK disks
● Drag and drop in OS X guests
● Download 90-day trials Internet Explorer virtual machines for testing

Availability and Pricing
Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac is available beginning Aug. 20th, as an upgrade for current Parallels Desktop for Mac users. The full version will be available to new customers on starting Aug. 26th. Packaged software will also be available worldwide starting on Aug. 26th.

The standard retail price (SRP) of Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac is $79.99, and the Student Edition is available for $39.99. Upgrades for existing Parallels Desktop 8 or 9 for Mac customers are US$49.99. Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac customers receive a complimentary three-month subscription to the Parallels Access app ( for up to 5 Macs and PCs and an unlimited number of iOS and Android mobile devices.

Parallels Desktop for Mac Enterprise Edition software is available via

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Parallels Announces Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac With Support for Yosemite [Video]

Parallels Announces Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac With Support for Yosemite [Video]

Nat - August 20, 2014 at 2:16pm
So technically someone is trying to make windows as good as Yosemite by its features. How creative.
mvk - August 20, 2014 at 11:15am
VMware Fusion works great with OS X 10.10 DP6 without any upgrade
Andy - August 20, 2014 at 10:15am
Not really worth the upgrade - Parallels 9 works fine under Yosemite
Maaca - August 20, 2014 at 10:33am
Parallels 9 don't work under Yosemite DP6
Andy - August 20, 2014 at 10:38am
Ah, I'm not on DP6 yet...fortunately...
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