Samsung to Supply RAM for the iPhone 6?

Samsung to Supply RAM for the iPhone 6?

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Samsung is reportedly back as a supplier of RAM for the next generation iPhone, according to DigiTimes.

The site's sources note Apple made the move to begin expelling Samsung from its supplier list in 2013. The company purchased mobile RAM for SK Hynix and Elpida Memory for the iPhone 5 while removing Samsung as a supplier.

Recently, Apple has been asking Elpida/Micron and SK Hynix to ramp up supplies of mobile RAM, but the two firms have been reluctant to increase their shipments as chip prices offered by Apple are less than desired. To ensure steady shipments of its new iPhones, Apple has had no choice but to add Samsung again into the supplier list for mobile RAM chip, added the sources.

Apple is widely expected to unveil the iPhone 6 on September 9th. Stay tuned to iClarified on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or RSS for the latest!

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Samsung to Supply RAM for the iPhone 6?

Nuck Chorris - August 23, 2014 at 2:59am
Apple is too cheap and greedy to pay the other companies what it costs to crank out more chips. Apple can't quit Samsung, they love that sweet ass.
Luce Bree - August 23, 2014 at 3:01am
Norris is Boris as shit and delusional to understand companies and how efficient they are on environment, battery, and costs. Apple quit samshit as said before. Samshit wants their ass because everyone needs the fruit to the core.
Tony - August 23, 2014 at 12:48am
Without Samsung apple cannot do shit, thats the bottom line. The funny thing is they say Samsung is a copy, without samsung, your stupid iCRAP phone wont run, without its A chip and the Memory chip, all made by Samsung, who care who designed it, and as for the FIRST 64 bit CPU, Samsung already had it, in fact samsung even has true octocore cpu which is MADE by SAMSUNG. You think A7 chip is fast look at the benchmark, its left in the dust lol
Groany - August 23, 2014 at 1:11am
Can't we all learn and move on already instead of drueling the same cuming crap about what apple relied on in he past. Samshit is the real master of butthurt shoving business because apple switching to TSMC is what shows their true selves why everyone needs he fruit to live. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Samshit tries to be ahead of technology by showing off even if it's something from many years back, and what's your excuse about it anyway when like I said NO ONE GIVES A SORRY SHIT ABOUT IT! LET IT BE YOU UNEDUCATED MINDLESS GIT!! That's exactly what your life is, make such old school excuse in an infinite loop even if it is something from 20 years ago, but why should that shit even matter nowadays, who wants pushable key buttons and a tiny ass screen that flips, the only thing flipping is your brain farting out cum spewing butthurt. Keep throwing money on plastic unstable toys, when iPhone 6 comes out next thing we all know you'll be all like "oh but samshit had bigger screen" "samshit had harder glass than that". Wait until they release movie sized phones, I'd love to see the die harded worshipper defend that, you'll be that much of a fun at parties like your parents were or better yet celebrate the shits and giggles for android beating iOS over malware, yeah I'd love to see you defend that shit just to simply show how stupid you are doing what it takes to knock some sense for yourself your way no one understands after ignoring reality as simple as we see it unlike the die hard defending shit. Many of the stuff you buy like clothes, electronics, houses, cars etc are assembled by parts sourced from different companies. That doesn't mean that the company that eventually sells the final product is selling a knock off or inferior product. Also it doesn't mean that the product isn't owned by the sad company. Parts are sourced from many companies so as to lower cost. Apple does this so well that with superior components, their phones still sell so well that they make so much profit. Any competitor trying to emulate the quality and style cannot make the price point to compete with Apple. You can shit out wishing myths all you want then suddenly you sound clueless, well guess what samshitter, you proved nothing because you always assume such crap, what's with you and your "we all know" bull shit therefore who the hell agrees with someone who fangasms 24/7 about how you trying to support a plastic toy that has no jd power, every time there is a chart post or a iPhone can now do this kind of topic, you ignore reality because you never learn to look back. You're the lazy arse jealous samsheep who will do anything to mind rape us, I'm one of many who are normal commentors because mine are never deleted, straighten the hell up like you're not a crying puny Fck before you just make more entertainment of yourself. You're the one defending dump that's not even winning and you treat it like a winner. Your mind is more of a dump than your bleeding anus running out of breathes. Your durable brain works like samshit mind controlled you to believe such mockery. What it so durable about plastic if it's used to wrap thing SOFTLY? Gaylaxy is what garbage is, why stick with something that has no explination to big ass screen, has an infected is, does nothing but takes iPhones ideas and uses it, look at the scanner s voice 64 bit architecture milk music? Have you been educated by your samsheep fanboy herd or were you just paid by some delusional company to worship them like they are superior? Without iPhone there would be no gaylaxy get reality facts already proven straightened out because I'd have to be such a retard to understand samsheep universe language your strategy goes like. Android is superior for being the worst whiny is it struggles to be, did you look back before making your point like a smart ass wannabe, or did you have brain patch holes again?
applegeek - August 23, 2014 at 3:47pm
hey moron, it's already a well know fact samesung's been caught multiple times cheating on these benchmark tests by overclocking their processors. get a brain, a life and some real information. aside from those handy facts, all the other bullshit written on here, the ONLY reason Apple NEEDS sameshit, is VOLUME PURE AND SIMPLE. the other guys in the market place can't supply the volume of parts that Apple requires. i don't deny they make great chips with great quality. but they can't "design" an innovative phone on their own to save their lives! look at the "new" Samesung Galaxy "Alpha" it arguably looks more like an Apple phone than anything they've produced yet! Down the the chamfer around the metal edge! Really, really pathetic. Of course, the most criminal now is Xiaomi who's phones and tablets are exact clones. But Apple can't afford to really go after them because the communist Chinese will immediately retaliate and try to destroy Apples's China business...which they already try to do in many ways. Hopefully, at some point our worthless government will stand up to the red pigs and help our companies out.
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