Apple to Provide iPhone Battery Life Logging

Apple to Provide iPhone Battery Life Logging

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Apple will provide an iPhone Battery Life Logging profile to customers complaining of issues with battery life, according to a HardMac report. When installed this profile will monitor all usage of the iPhone over a period time.

The log file generated will help support representatives determine what is causing the battery drain. Whether its heavy usage of a specific app or whether its really a failing battery.

Here's what the log file looks like:

Sun Jun 21 22:29:36 2009: [Assertion released]; process=aosnotifyd; pid=31; NoIdleSleepAssertion=255; held_for=00:00:12;
Sun Jun 21 22:29:38 2009 Frontmost Application Changed: (96)
Sun Jun 21 22:29:53 2009: Battery level = 92 [4081] (low = no, critical = no, charging = no) Call active: no
Current drain: -169 mA
Fully charged: no
Power Assertions:
SpringBoard (pid 24): NoIdleSleepAssertion == 255 Held for 00:20:12
Usage: 00:00:00 Standby: 00:00:00
Frontmost Application Identifier: (96)
Next Scheduled Power Event:
Scheduled Wake or Power On
2009-06-21 22:58:15 +0200
WiFi: On (associated to "Fraaa")
Bluetooth: OFF Nike: OFF BTAirplaneMode: OFF Discoverable: OFF Connected: NO

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Apple to Provide iPhone Battery Life Logging Apple to Provide iPhone Battery Life Logging
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Miguel Villela
Miguel Villela - June 24, 2009 at 11:24am
I got a problem in my iPhone, when I was using firmware 1.1.4, itunesstore service was starting in background, crashing, generating a crash report, starting again and crashing again, repeating all the process. When crash report was called, the processor went to 100% utilization. I has gotten my battery drained from night to day. I discovered the problem using Mobile Terminal and the top process monitor, where I saw the processes starting and crashing. I solved the problem renaming the Itunesstore executable (untill when I upgraded the firmware again). It prevented me from downloading Appstore applications directly from iPhone I posted wrongly the translated text from google
Miguel Villela
Miguel Villela - June 24, 2009 at 11:23am
Eu tenho um problema no meu iPhone, quando eu estava usando o firmware 1.1.4, itunesstore serviço estava começando no fundo, cair, gerando um crash relatório, começando de novo e cair de novo, repetindo todo o processo. Quando foi chamado crash relatório, o processador passou para 100% aproveitamento. Eu tenha chegado a minha bateria drenada a partir de noite para dia. Eu descobri o problema utilizando terminais móveis e processo acompanhar o início, quando eu vi a iniciar processos e falhe. Eu resolvi o problema renomeando o executável Itunesstore (até quando eu atualizado o firmware novamente). Ele impediu-me de fazer download Appstore pedidos diretamente do iPhone
Infinity - June 24, 2009 at 10:09am
This looks fake. I don't think this is from apple. Anyone can create a profile and install it to their devices. The reason this is fake is apple's profile will be signed. And this profile is unsigned so it's fake. I could create a profile that has apple Inc as the company.
Awayze - June 24, 2009 at 8:10am
Please tell us how this person has got it, my iPhone 2G battery life sucks bad since 3.0, 6 hours max, down from 2 days
qvinen - June 24, 2009 at 11:32am
I must say I have same problem since I update 3.0, I have 2G Iphone....battery is still falling down....
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