Adobe Acquires Aviary Photo Editor

Adobe Acquires Aviary Photo Editor

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Adobe has announced the acquisition of Aviary, a developer of mobile SDKs for the delivery of creative apps.

With millions of people already using Aviary-powered photo-editing apps and thousands of developers using Aviary’s SDKs, across mobile platforms, the acquisition accelerates Adobe’s strategy to make Creative Cloud a vibrant platform for third-party apps, through a new Creative SDK. Currently under development, Adobe Creative SDK is a software library that enables developers to tap into Adobe’s creative technologies to build mobile apps and drive new connections between mobile devices and Adobe Creative Cloud desktop applications and services.

“Aviary has an exceptional team and technology platform, as well as expertise serving a robust developer ecosystem. We're thrilled to leverage Aviary's technology to make our Creative SDK even more powerful for app developers,” said Scott Belsky, vice president of Creative Cloud Ecosystem & Behance at Adobe. “This is great news for developers because thousands of mobile apps will have the opportunity to become compatible with industry-defining desktop tools like Photoshop CC, as well as new Creative Cloud services."

"Aviary was founded to bring creative freedom to the world,” said Avi Muchnick, Aviary’s co-founder. “We're excited to join Adobe and tap into their incredible wealth of creative technology and supercharge our collective SDK offering. Together, we will help nurture the next generation of third party creative apps.”

For further details on today’s announcement, hit the link below. You can download Photo Editor by Aviary from the App Store for free.

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Adobe Acquires Aviary Photo EditorAdobe Acquires Aviary Photo EditorAdobe Acquires Aviary Photo Editor

Adobe Acquires Aviary Photo EditorAdobe Acquires Aviary Photo Editor

matrixXx - September 23, 2014 at 7:48pm
SCHEISSE! They just eliminate any competition to force creative profs into their cloud and sw rental crap... I hate Adobe!