Drone Footage Shows Significant Progress on Foundation for Apple Campus 2 [Video]

Drone Footage Shows Significant Progress on Foundation for Apple Campus 2 [Video]

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New drone footage of the constructions site for Apple Campus 2 shows significant progress on the foundation of the spaceship-like structure.

MacRumors notes that construction on the project has progressed at a rapid pace with workers on site seven days a week. Concrete mixers have been on site for several weeks and much of the foundation for the circular building appears to be complete.

Traffic around the area is said to be congested. Pruneridge Avenue is permanently closed, and there have been lane reductions on Wolfe Road and Homestead Road, which surround the campus.

Apple is expected to have street utilities and demolition completed by the end of the year. Earthwork is scheduled to continue until Q2 2015 and construction on the building will continue to the end of 2016.

Take a look at the video footage below! To learn more about Apple's plans, watch the presentation video.

[via MacRumors] [via 9to5Mac]

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