Intel Announces New Broadwell Processors Set for MacBook Devices

Intel Announces New Broadwell Processors Set for MacBook Devices

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Intel has finally launched its 5th Generation Broadwell processors that are destined for Apple's MacBooks.

The Broadwell Core processors are built using a 14nm manufacturing process that deliver better performance and lower power consumption -- bringing even better battery life to MacBooks. Since the chip's low wattage design allows for fan-less operation, we could see notebook devices get even thinner in the coming months.

Intel claims the key benefits of the next-generation 14nm processors include:

Powerful Performance. The 5th Generation Intel Core (U series) processors utilize Intel’s new 14nm process technology to improve upon the previous generation Intel Core processor’s success with 35 percent more transistors on a 37 percent smaller die. The new process, combined with architectural enhancements, enables the 5th Generation Intel Core processors to deliver up to 24 percent better graphics performance, up to 50 percent faster video conversion and battery life that is up to 1.5 hours longer. Consumers who are planning to refresh a 4-5-year-old PC will also notice significant improvements: graphics performance up to 12 times better, video conversion speed up to 8 times faster, productivity performance up to 2.5 times faster, wake times 9 times faster, all with up to 2 times longer battery life.

Power Efficient. Even Longer Battery Life. Intel continues to drive battery life improvements, and the newest processor family raises the bar yet again. With power management and design improvements, plus the increased efficiency of Intel’s 14nm manufacturing process, consumers get up to 1.5 hours more battery life than the previous 4th Generation Intel Core (U series) processors. The result is more power and performance without sacrificing battery life.

Watch. Game. Create with Intel Graphics. The 5th Generation Intel Core processor family brings the next evolution in processor graphics architecture enabling new levels of performance and power efficiency paired with Intel’s leading CPU technology. Whether playing the latest mainstream game, watching videos in 4K Ultra HD, or simply sharing your latest gameplay and video creations with family, Intel HD and Iris graphics deliver an eye-popping visual experience.

Internet of Things. Intel’s 5th Generation Intel Core processors are also available to power the growing Internet of Things (IoT), particularly in such vertical segments as retail, manufacturing and medical. Thanks to Intel’s leading 14nm process technology and architecture, the 5th Generation Intel Core processor is designed to deliver enhanced graphics and increased performance in a smaller thermal envelope, supporting the next generation of IoT solutions, while maintaining compatibility with previous generations. The improved capabilities and security features can power end-to-end IoT solutions to deliver customer benefits and business insights.

More Natural and Immersive Experiences. The performance of 5th Generation Intel Core processors provides the foundation for great user experiences today and in the future. When paired with Intel RealSenseTM 3D technology, no wires and no passwords capabilities, and voice assistants, the 5th Generation Intel Core processors enable more natural and interactive user experiences. Intel RealSense 3D technology brings features like gesture control, 3D capture and edit, and innovative photo and video capabilities to devices.

Apple is said to be working on a slimmer 12-inch MacBook Air that has a fan-less design which would utilize this new Intel Broadwell processor. Intel is already shipping the new processors to suppliers, so we should expect new hardware within the next few months.

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Intel Announces New Broadwell Processors Set for MacBook Devices

someone - January 7, 2015 at 5:05am
Is this processor support the jail-breaking?