Toshiba Debuts TransferJet Adapter for iOS Devices

Toshiba Debuts TransferJet Adapter for iOS Devices

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Toshiba today announced the launch of a TransferJet adapter (TJM35420LT) for iOS devices including the iPhone, iPad and iPod that is compliant with TransferJet close proximity wireless transfer technology.

TransferJet is a close proximity wireless transfer technology standard promoted by the TransferJet Consortium. The technology provides simple connections and ultra-high speed data transfers with low power consumption, and works simply by bringing the two devices in the transfer into close proximity. Maximum data throughput is 375Mbps, and 100 MBytes of data can be transmitted in approximately three seconds.

Users can use TransferJet after attaching the adapter to an iPhone, iPad or iPod with a Lightning connector and downloading the iOS app from the App Store. The adapter provides high speed file transfer throughput for large data sources, including movies and pictures. Users select the data file to be transferred on the screen of a mobile device and then "touch" the device against the receiving device.

Toshiba has also launched a 2nd generation USB adapter “TJM35420AUX” for Windows OS, and a MicroUSB adapter module “TJM35420AMU” for Android.

Pricing and Availability:
Sales of the adapter by mass marketers and online stores are scheduled to start from spring 2015 in Japan, followed by Europe, the Americas and Asia. Please follow iClarified on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or RSS for updates on pricing.

Toshiba Debuts TransferJet Adapter for iOS Devices