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Mac-Chi Releases WhoPaste 3.0

Mac-Chi Releases WhoPaste 3.0

Posted July 28, 2009 at 11:50am by iClarified
WhoPaste 3.0 adds both powerful capabilities and money saving features. WhoPaste 3.0 can determine the email-to-SMS addresses for most US mobile phones, detect existing matches in Address Book, execute post-process AppleScripts, retain the sender's email from Mail or Entourage, print to Dymo LabelWriters, archive source data, write to a watched folder, and dynamically manage hint files. WhoPaste, available exclusively on Mac OS X, supports Address Book, Daylite, Entourage, and Google Contacts.

With WhoPaste installed Macintosh users can simply copy any contact information (e.g. just a phone number in a Sticky note, a whole signature block in an email, or even multiple rows from a spreadsheet) and without switching applications or navigating to a website, with a single keystroke they can create a new contact in their address book.

WhoPaste, which is instantly available either as a hot key or a contextual menu, saves time and ensures accurate data but because WhoPaste makes it so easy to acquire data, users also tend to capture more data thereby making their address book, and the devices that synch with it, more useful.

WhoPaste 3.0 introduces two features specifically to help US Macintosh and iPhone users control costs. When a new contact's data includes a mobile phone number WhoPaste can automatically add the email-to-SMS address. Using this address and their usual email client, WhoPaste users can now send free text messages.

WhoPaste 3.0 also offers the US users of Apple's Address Book the ability to add the email-to-SMS address to all of their existing contacts or just those in selected groups. Mac-Chi will be adding this feature to the other three supported address books and is investigating how to provide this feature in markets outside of the United States.

After storing a new contact WhoPaste 3.0 can execute a user specified AppleScript passing the complete data as an easy to use AppleScript record. Post-processing scripts can be written by users to customize and automate the flow of information specifically for their organization - again saving both time and money. Example mail-merge scripts for both Pages and Word are supplied.

WhoPaste 3.0 adds match detection for Address Book. Matching, which is user selectable, can be based on email address, first and last name, and phone number. Any matching contact is automatically opened in an Address Book window ready for editing. The end user determines what data, if any, is merged into the existing Address Book record.

If the source data is from either Mail or Entourage and the extracted data does not include an email address, WhoPaste 3.0 can now optionally add the sender's email address to the new contact's data.

WhoPaste 3.0 can also write structured records into a watched folder, which permits WhoPaste to integrate with a wide range of back-office and enterprise systems. WhoPaste 3.0 can optionally add the source data to a single archive list or place individual archive records into a designated folder.

WhoPaste 3.0 supports printing with the use of the widget supplied by Dymo for its' popular LabelWriter family of label printers, as well as Ambrosia's free envelope printing widget 'EasyEnvelopes'.

WhoPaste provides an optional citation for the source of the contact information, which uses a completely open AppleScript model. WhoPaste 3.0 provides citation support for Apple's Safari, Mail, Pages, and TextEdit, as well as Microsoft's Word, Excel and Entourage. User written scripts for other scriptable applications may be installed at any time by simply placing the new script into a designated folder.

For office settings, where users share a common set of terms, WhoPaste 3.0 makes it easier to share and update hint files. Hint files are also more accessible for translation in non-English markets.

Feature Highlights include:
* Instantly available in any Macintosh application
* Customizable global hot key or optional contextual menu plugin
* No application switching - returned to original window and cursor
* Automatic citation of the source of the information
* User review of proposed contact data prior to saving
* Spreadsheet support for extracting multiple contacts
- supports selecting rows or cell ranges
- recognizes tab-delimited or comma separated data
- review window fully supports individual editing
- search support in the review window
- save/remove selected items
* Language based hint files:
- organization names, job titles, street names, personal titles and suffix
- drag and drop user updating,
- export to clipboard or file
* Country based rules for phone number and postal code
* Onscreen widgets for
- Move, copy, or flip data
- toggle default values on or off
- manage key extraction preferences
- access to drawer view of source data
- context menu for on-the-fly hint management and re-extraction
* Extensive support for drag and drop - Option drag for copy
* Logging for trouble-shooting
* Options
- email-to-SMS augment
- capture sender email from Mail or Entourage
- execute post-process script
- write to Watched folder
- print to Dymo LabelWriter or EasyEnvelopes
- archive to list or separate files
- case conversion (11 different options)
- format phone numbers using Address Book formatting
- extract/not extract organization and job title
- write to log for troubleshooting

Apple Address Book
* Match detection
* Add contact to 3 groups
* Custom label for email-to-SMS
* Match detection - match opened in native Address Book

Google Contacts
* Add contacts to Friends, Family, or Coworkers
* Add contact to 3 groups
* Custom label for email-to-SMS

Marketcircle Daylite
* Contact- category, keywords, priority, flag, tagline
* Organization - Industry, region, type, category, keywords, priority, flag, tagline
* Match detection - match opened in native Daylite window

Microsoft Entourage
* Add contact to 3 categories
* Add contact to 3 projects

Pricing and Availability:
WhoPaste 3.0 is available for only $10.00 (USD) for a single machine license, and is a free update to existing owners. A free trial version is available for download. The trial version allows saving 20 extracted contacts. A WhoPaste Media Review License Key is available upon request.

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Mac-Chi Releases WhoPaste 3.0
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