Eero Aims to Blanket Your Entire Home With Fast Wi-Fi [Video]

Eero Aims to Blanket Your Entire Home With Fast Wi-Fi [Video]

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Eero is a new Wi-Fi system that aims to resolve many of the problems customers have with routers currently on the market. "WiFi is broken. So we're fixing it," says Nick Weaver, co-founder and CEO of eero.

The system consists of a single piece of hardware that's meant to be placed in multiple locations throughout your home. Designed to work harmoniously, a set of three eeros will cover the typical house. If you have a large house, up to ten devices will work together to provide consistent coverage across your home.

Setup is super simple and takes under a minute. You plug the first into your existing cable or DSL modem. And the others just need to be plugged into power outlets around your home. All of your eeros automatically connect to each other to create an intelligent mesh network that blankets your entire home, whatever its shape or size. If you ever move, you can take your eero system with you — and easily expand it to cover a larger home.

Eero also offers a slew of features designed to make managing your Wi-Fi network easier than ever. A mobile app is used to configure the network and send login info to guests. Since every eero comes with built-in Bluetooth, you can connect directly to it for easy setup without needing to plug in a device or setup a temporary Wi-Fi network.

Here are some of its core features:

Mesh Network
Wirelessly connect all your eeros. They work together to create an intelligent mesh network that blankets any size or shape home in fast, reliable WiFi. Previously only available to the enterprise, eero brings mesh technology to the home market for the first time. No wiring or professional installation required.

60-Second Setup
Your first eero simply plugs into your existing cable or DSL modem. Our app prompts you to create a network and helps you place additional eeros around your home. They just need power from a standard wall outlet.

One-Tap Guest Access
Send guests your network’s login info straight from your phone via text message. No need to dig through that drawer in the kitchen. Better still, if your guests have the eero app, you can securely add them to your network with the touch of a button—they don’t even have to enter a password. From the app, you choose how long their access lasts.

Elegant Design
From the beginning, we’ve had design top-of-mind. eero’s sleek, white form goes with any home and means you don’t have to hide it in the closet.

Faster Streaming
Our groundbreaking software automatically optimizes device connections. You always get the fastest, most stable connection possible.

eero regularly runs checkups so you know exactly what’s going on -- from which devices are connected to your network to the speeds you’re getting throughout your home. In the unlikely case that an eero goes down momentarily, it simply reboots itself.

Advanced Security
eero can alert you whenever a device joins your network and send a weekly digest of all devices that have used your network. Auto-updating software means you’ll always have state-of-the-art security. No need to stop everything to download the latest patch.

Bluetooth for the Connected Home
Every eero comes with built-in Bluetooth, which allows the eero app to connect with your first eero for quick and simple setup. It also means that your home is blanketed in both WiFi and Bluetooth, the two standards that are fast-becoming the glue of the connected home.

Eero Aims to Blanket Your Entire Home With Fast Wi-Fi [Video]

The eero system is now available pre-order. You can pre-order a single eero for $125, discounted from $199 regularly. A system or 3-pack is $299, discounted from $499. Orders are set to ship this summer.

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Eero Aims to Blanket Your Entire Home With Fast Wi-Fi [Video]

freebeer - February 14, 2015 at 1:24am
I personally would welcome this. I live in Indonesia (originally from UK) and my home is large with 3 phase power so poweline adapters are not an option. I have bought 4 different range extenders from USA in the past 2 years and none of them work. Some of them work some of the time but I have not yet found a reliable extender. But I guess this new Eero will be aimed at the USA market and come with only 110v power supply and here we are 220v. Most everything available here comes with 110v and 220v multi power. Would be great for the USA to catch up.
Letheon - February 17, 2015 at 10:33am
I live in a 220v country too, and find the combination of one AirPort Extreme with two airport express very reliable...
Jacob - February 13, 2015 at 10:36am
This will appeal to non technical users. I personally prefer the technical features of my router, more importantly it's speed.
Steve Gate - February 13, 2015 at 2:42am
Why can't they just call it a range extender like the others? This is just sickening. People who don't know how networks and RF work will just run and get this while these guys laugh all the way to the bank. There are plenty of cheap cheap alternatives that do just that--- actually the market is saturated.
Steve Gate - February 13, 2015 at 2:36am
Another Gimmick...
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