Apple Has Stealthily Acquired the Dryft Keyboard App

Apple Has Stealthily Acquired the Dryft Keyboard App

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Last year, Apple acquired Dryft, a company that makes keyboard apps, according to TechCrunch.

The acquisition seemed to be confirmed by Randy Marsden’s LinkedIn profile, which lists him as joining Apple last September. Marsden, the chief technology officer of Dryft and also a co-founder of Swype, now leads development for Apple’s internal keyboard efforts. Whether Apple acquired Dryft for its assets or its talent in Marsden and others, we’re not exactly sure. Financial terms of the deal weren’t available.

When asked to comment on the acquisition, Apple gave its usual reply that it buys smaller technology companies from time to time and does not generally discuss its purpose or plans. This is seen as an indirect way of saying yes.

Dryft's patented touch tap technology can detect whether a tablet user is resting or typing when touching the keys. This allows users to rest their fingers on home row keys before typing any letters. The company says its patented dynamic keyboard is the industry's first finger tracking system. With Dryft technology, the home row keys automatically come to your fingers and you don't have to search for those home row keys anymore.

The company's website is still up. Have a look at the link below...

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Apple Has Stealthily Acquired the Dryft Keyboard App

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