You Can Buy the Apple Watch in Stores on Friday, Just Not Apple Stores

You Can Buy the Apple Watch in Stores on Friday, Just Not Apple Stores

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It appears as though you will be able to purchase the Apple Watch in stores on April 24th, just not Apple Stores, reports the New York Times.

While the product may not be in Apple stores to purchase on its official release day of Friday, select destination fashion boutiques around the world have their own stock, and will be offering the watch for sale at the end of the week. Dover Street Market in Tokyo and London (but not in New York), Maxfield in Los Angeles, Colette in Paris, the Corner in Berlin and 10 Corso Como in Milan are all “official” stockists of the watch. And, most are advertising it as “in-store 4.24.15” on their home pages.

Adrian Joffe, the CEO of Dover Street Market, told the New York Times that the company would have about 350 Apple Watches at its Ginza store and 570 Apple Watches at its London store. Notably, the gold Apple Watch Edition models will not be available in store as they are on back order.

Joffe said he doesn't think that stock will last long. "Judging by the calls, I don’t think it will last long."

So, if you desperately need to have an Apple Watch on Friday, you better get in line!

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You Can Buy the Apple Watch in Stores on Friday, Just Not Apple Stores

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