Jony Ive Has Double the Patents of Thomas Edison

Jony Ive Has Double the Patents of Thomas Edison

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Thomas Edison (1847-1931) was a brilliant inventor -- bringing the phonograph, the motion picture camera, the practical electric light bulb, and even the alkaline battery into the world. Edison was just 22 when he received his first patent and would go on to eventually hold over 2,332 patents to his name by the time he passed away at the age of 84. Edison was so productive that he promised "a minor invention every ten days and a big thing every six months or so."

According to a profile on Jony Ive, where it was first reported that Jony Ive would be promoted to a new Chief Design role, Jony Ive has his name on 5,000 design and utility patents.

"Ive's inventiveness can perhaps most starkly be expressed by revealing that he has nearly 5,000 patents to his name," Stephen Fry wrote.

While Ive's massive patent portfolio is impressive, but it's important to note that Ive and Edison worked and lived in a century apart with a different 'inventing landscape'. Ive has worked on almost everything at Apple including designing the iPod, iMac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and more.

Ive is just 48 years old and if he plans to stay at Apple for years to come, he has decades left of inventing left in him -- especially with some of the interesting projects Apple has been researching.

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Jony Ive Has Double the Patents of Thomas Edison

Slobodan Petrovic - May 30, 2015 at 4:43pm
Should I laugh or cry? Patent trolling is so very known in Apple history, rectangle with round corners..., with all respect to great designer and Edison contributions to the world, everything pales to Nikola Tesla. World is still unable or unwilling to put in use some of his patents for the benefit of humanity. He didn't want to create 100 plus billions of dollars as cash reserves off shore or steal others people ideas because he had so many of his own. Imagine him suing GE, Marconi , Edison...remember he was suppose to get 5c for every a/c motor made, and he died poor. He wasn't stupid he was genius (not one at Apple store) one whose prime interest and desire was to prosperity of all.
ali larter - May 28, 2015 at 5:29pm
he holds no comparison to edison in inventions , do you name a phone designer an inventer ? if so i'm glad to tell you that nokia has more inventions than all scientist together.they invented nokia ringtone , also nostalgia ringtone,also they invented 6120 antenna, they invented 3310 keys,what the heck are you saying?jony inventor?
Nat - May 28, 2015 at 5:32pm
Who said John invented? Let alone ideas either company had, all they are saying is that Johnny made more ideas released or not that were plans, not actual parts.
yas9in - May 30, 2015 at 2:56pm
a lot pf Edison's inventions were very simple too. not all his inventions were as big as the light bulb.
RamziAmmari - May 28, 2015 at 8:34am
Not even close This guy is. A brilliant designer - but won't come close to Edison . Comparing apples to oranges . It's actually an insult to Edison . And it's probably a good idea to reveal more about some of his biggest patents so we can put things into prospective specially when apply patent everything and anything and put its name on it
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