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Angela Ahrendts to Offer Details on Apple's 'Back to School' Plans Next Week

Angela Ahrendts to Offer Details on Apple's 'Back to School' Plans Next Week

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Apple SVP of Retail, Angela Ahrendts, will provide some details on the company's Back to School plans next week.

By now, Apple would have normally announced its Back to School deal for students, leading to speculation that the promotion would not be available this year. However, in her last video message to employees, Ahrendts said she would offer some insight on promotion, reports

I'm sure many of you are thinking also 'but is there anything else for Back to School'? Well, I need you to wait until next week's video and I'll share a little bit more insight with you then.

While her statement doesn't confirm that there will be a promotion this year, her "enthusiastic tone" suggests there will be something for returning students.

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Angela Ahrendts to Offer Details on Apple's 'Back to School' Plans Next Week

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