Pilates for Pregnancy

Pilates for Pregnancy

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Pilates for Pregnancy, is now available. Pilates for Pregnancy is a new iPhone application, based on the award winning video, Prenatal Pilates, and Sarah Picot's Pilates and Pregnancy Workbook, which features a multitude of workouts appropriate for each trimester of pregnancy.

Pilates for Pregnancy is an interactive exercise program and complete pregnancy planner. The new Pilates for Pregnancy application provides you with numerous exercises appropriate for each trimester and allows you to:

* Customize your workout based on time or body part
* Get timed workouts to fit your schedule or energy level
* Focus on a particular body part
* Take pregnancy notes
* Store pregnancy pictures
* Create "To-Do" lists for each trimester; and much more

Clear descriptions of the workouts and the benefits of each exercise are included. This application maximizes the content contained on the Prenatal Pilates DVD and Sarah Picot's Pilates and Pregnancy Workbook.

About Dramatic Applications:
Keeping up with society's love of technology on the go, the creators of the top-rated Pilates for You video series and Prenatal Pilates DVD have formed a new alliance, Dramatic Applications. In 2002, independent documentary producer Margo Sadow and former professional dancer and certified Pilates instructor Sarah Picot created Pilates for You. They established themselves as forerunners and leaders in the field of Pilates for Pregnancy.

Real Simple Magazine called the Prenatal Pilates video/DVD the "#1 pregnancy exercise video." Drs. Powers and Bergin, OB/GYNs, stated "This video is a godsend for the expectant mother..." and the Washington Post wrote "Sarah Picot is a Pilates guru." Sadow and Picot brought Prenatal Pilates to the VHS/DVD world when no other workout focused on Pilates and Pregnancy. Now they do the same for the Application platform. See how helpful the Pilates and Pregnancy App can be!

Pricing and Availability:
Pilates for Pregnancy - COMPLETE is now available at an introductory price of only $5.99 (USD), a 40% discount off of the regular sale price of $9.99. The Pilates for Pregnancy application is also available by 1st trimester, 2nd trimester, or 3rd trimester at an introductory price of only $2.99 each.

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Pilates for PregnancyPilates for Pregnancy