Samsung Officially Unveils New Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note5 Smartphones [Video]

Samsung Officially Unveils New Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note5 Smartphones [Video]

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Samsung has officially unveiled its new Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note5 smartphones.

The Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note5 blend form and function with industry leading features, including: the best screen technology, the most advanced camera for high quality photos and videos, the latest fast wireless and wired charging, and an incredibly powerful processor. With increased 4GB RAM, both smartphones offer the most powerful capacity and processing power on the market, enabling users to enjoy more seamless multi-tasking, keep up with messages, post updates to social networks faster, and enjoy graphic-heavy games without suffering lag time.

With its curved 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED screen, the Galaxy S6 edge+ makes the edge experience even bigger to provide a more immersive multimedia experience. The newly-designed Galaxy Note5 provides an unmatched set of productivity tools such as SideSync, along with a much refined 5th generation S Pen capabilities to better serve the major multitasker.

Samsung Officially Unveils New Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note5 Smartphones [Video]

Here's a look at the features of both devices as highlighted by Samsung...

Galaxy S6 edge+
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ succeeded the unique and distinctive design of Galaxy S6 edge, and becomes even more elegant, understated, and finely crafted. It features the new ‘Apps edge’ for easy access to favorite apps, and enhanced ‘People edge’ for easy communications with preferred contacts. ‘Apps edge’ allows users to access their favorite apps by just swiping the edge display. ‘People edge’ helps users to connect their close contacts easily. From the edge screen, users can quickly find their pre-set contacts and send message or give a call directly.

Galaxy Note5
The Galaxy Note5 is a stunning upgrade to Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note line – more powerful and more personal than ever. Inspired by the design legacy of the Galaxy S6, it ergonomically fits in one hand with a narrower bezel and curved back. The flat screen is great to write on and the curved shape makes it easier to use the phone with one hand.

Engineered to help people get more done faster, the Galaxy Note5 includes all new S Pen that feels more solid and balanced in the user’s hand, offering improved writing capabilities and a variety of practical tools. A unique clicking mechanism offers a joyful experience of popping the S Pen out with just one quick click. Users can now quickly jot down ideas or information when the screen is off without even unlocking the phone. ‘Air Command’ feature gets more intuitive and practical as well; now the icon hovers for instant access to all of S Pen tools from any screen at any time. Users can also annotate on PDF files and capture lengthy web articles or long images at once via ‘Scroll capture.’

Core Galaxy Features
● Both the Galaxy S6 edge+ and Note5 feature unprecedented multimedia capabilities with deeper screen contrast and details through Samsung’s industry-leading 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display.

● As social networking becomes more ubiquitous, consumers expect to share the moments of their lives through photos and video and Samsung is enabling that desire with improved video capabilities. These include Steady Video, which provides Video Digital Image Stabilization on both the front and rear cameras for sharp, crisp video on-the-go, and Video Collage Mode, which allows users to record and edit short videos easily in various frames and effects. The Galaxy S6 edge+ and Note5 also feature 4K(UHD) video filming and Live Broadcast, which lets users instantly live streams Full HD video straight from the phone to any individual, group of contacts, or even the public through YouTube Live. Anyone who receives the YouTube link from a Galaxy S6 edge+ or Note5 user is able to enjoy live stream video from his or her smartphone, tablet, PC or Smart TV with YouTube connectivity.

● Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note5 users will also benefit from Samsung’s advanced camera system, including Quick Launch (double click the home button to launch the camera in less than one second*), Auto Real-time High Dynamic Range (HDR), and Smart Optical Image Stabilization(OIS) and brand-new filters.

● The Galaxy S6 edge+ and Note5 feature Samsung’s fast wired and wireless charging technology and the embedded wireless charging technology is compatible with virtually any wireless pad available today. With wired charging, both devices can be fully charged in approximately 90 minutes, and through Samsung’s latest wireless charger, they can be fully charged in approximately 120 minutes.

● Samsung’s newest devices are further upgraded to support SideSync, which offers both wireless and wired PC-smartphone integration for seamless connections across devices. Thanks to auto-detection and an ultra quick setup, users can instantly connect their Samsung device to their PC or tablet for easy access to files and data across all platforms and operating systems.

● In addition, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 edge+ and Note5 features enhanced security features with KNOX Active Protection (built into devices / out of the box) and My KNOX (app with simple/fast setup) to further protect sensitive personal and work data.

Samsung Officially Unveils New Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note5 Smartphones [Video]

The availability and launch timing of both products vary by markets and mobile carriers. Both devices are available globally starting from August, 2015. Both have 32GB or 64GB storage options available in White Pearl, Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum and Silver Titanium.

Samsung Officially Unveils New Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note5 Smartphones [Video]Samsung Officially Unveils New Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note5 Smartphones [Video]

Samsung Officially Unveils New Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note5 Smartphones [Video]Samsung Officially Unveils New Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note5 Smartphones [Video]

Wtfisthis - August 15, 2015 at 7:58am
Personally I think it's a good thing when companies build off each other's ideas, like when Apple saw that big Android phones caught on, and they decided to bring that big phone experience to their loyal users. This is not the same. Samsung seems to be designing their phones with the sole purpose of one-upping the iphone. They are losing creativity with this 'I'm better than you because this' behavior. Just look at the 6 edge , is has a 5.7" screen, .2" bigger than the 6 , hmmmm. They even scrapped their durable old designs to say 'aha i have beaten you because this phone is .2mm thinner than yours!' (Ignoring the fact that the phone is no longer water or dust proof and it way more fragile because it's glass). I guess what I'm saying is that samsung is sacrificing it's creativity and unique features in the effort of one-upping the iPhone. It's going to land them in hot water.
Think about it - August 15, 2015 at 1:51pm
Well said. The budget towards their devices are going towards ads to prove what they are so blind and neglected about nowadays. They're focused on being better and perfect when ironically they continue to trace down apples ideas even trying to build something like iPhone.
matrixXx - August 15, 2015 at 5:14am
Painful background music.... was it computer generated?
Apple user but............ - August 14, 2015 at 5:07pm
I have been a use their of Apple iOS since 2008 but as we all know about Apple and Samsung both copy from each other if you're going to be honest with yourself on manufactures copy from each other and I believe that is a good thing not a bad thing at all as it is less more joy, more options and After all these years I am seriously considering going over to the Samsung phone as soon as my 6 is paid off. Just one man's opinion.
Think about it - August 15, 2015 at 12:46am
If you look at the companies now, Samsung keeps copying what iPhone gets and always worries about what they do in order to wait until their phone is out in order to be better than them and waste all their budget towards a new device towards ads to express their jealousy. I'm not trying to prove you wrong but from the effort they think they put in their devices are nowadays resembling the iPhone itself. It's like stealing features wasn't enough then they come out with a phone built and look like one then the name. I dare them to make an OS to ripoff iOS compared to the first android.
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