Apple to Demote iPod to Apple Store Accessory Shelves

Apple to Demote iPod to Apple Store Accessory Shelves

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Apple is preparing some big changes to its Apple Store retail experience, including the demotion of iPods to accessory shelves and the removal of its iPad-based Smart Signs, reports 9to5Mac. The changes are set to roll out beginning Tuesday night of next week.

Apple Store accessory walls will now be home to the recently-updated iPod line. Apple products, ranging from iPods to iPads to Macs, have typically been stored in the back of Apple Stores and brought to a customer upon the point of sale. Now, when a customer wants to buy an iPod, she or he can simply pull it off a shelf without needing to wait for the product to be brought from the back room.

Apple just updated its iPod touch lineup last month but that was after nearly three years of the device going without an update. With more users choosing the iPhone and iPad, Apple has even removed the device from its once prominent presence on

The other major change coming to Apple Stores is the removal of the iPad displays used to provide product details for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Instead of the iPad Smart Signs, Apple will begin loading price information and product details directly onto the various Macs, iPads, and iPhones being displayed.

Apple will use the new space to install more devices that potential customers can test on the show floor. The recently launched iPad mini displays for the Apple Watch will not be going away. Apple will also showcase iPhones with redesigned white display docks.

While some larger stores will retain a few Smart Signs, Apple is removing them to gain more usable space and because some customers confused them with iPad demo units.

Other recent changes to the Apple Store include a move to new packaging for third-party accessories that more closely match the look of Apple's own products.

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Apple to Demote iPod to Apple Store Accessory Shelves

Trollope - August 19, 2015 at 7:47am
Isn't the iPod one of there best sellers
Ken - August 19, 2015 at 2:17pm
iPhone is their best seller; iPod is probably less than 1% of their total revenue at this point. Apple hasn't included iPod sales in their earnings reports since the start of the year.