Japan Display CEO Hints at Strong iPhone 6s Orders

Japan Display CEO Hints at Strong iPhone 6s Orders

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Japan Display's new CEO hinted at strong orders for the iPhone 6s on Thursday, reports Reuters. Mitsuru Homma, who became CEO in June, said that its "biggest client" is increasing orders.

Homma said weakness in China's smartphone market, the world's biggest, amid that country's broader economic slowdown was not affecting the orders for display screens it was getting from its top client.

"They're coming to us with more orders, saying 'give us more, give us more'. They keep increasing," he told Reuters in an interview.

Apple is widely expected to unveil its new smartphone on September 9th. There has been some debate among analysts as to how well it will sell given current market conditions and its feature set. When asked about the device, Homma said, "There's difficult technology being used... But I think ramp-up is going well."

It's important to note that Japan Display seeing strong orders from Apple doesn't necessarily mean that Apple is ordering more units. It's possible that the company is shifting to favor Japan Display as a supplier.

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Japan Display CEO Hints at Strong iPhone 6s Orders

King Rollo - September 5, 2015 at 9:07pm
If it has force touch it's going to be a game changer.. I wonder if the iPad will also get FT? It's always a big tech jump and industry changer at this time something to knock the other off track so it will be interesting to see and with the surface pro looking so good and win10 the race is on especially for the iPad this year. If it's nothing major for iPad than it's going to lose its crown soon...