AT&T Announces It Won't Throttle Unlimited Data Plan Users Until They Hit 22GB of Usage

AT&T Announces It Won't Throttle Unlimited Data Plan Users Until They Hit 22GB of Usage

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AT&T has announced that it won't throttle unlimited data plan users until they hit 22GB of usage. That's 4.4x more data than the previous 5GB of cap.

Here's the company's explanation of the change:

In line with common industry standards, our network management practices assure that our network resources are used for the benefit of all our mobile broadband customers especially during periods when network demand exceeds available network resources (also known as "congestion").

As you would expect, these network management practices have continued to evolve over time to benefit our customers and take advantage of the billions we have spent to expand and augment our networks. As a result of this evolution, we recently revised our practices such that Unlimited Data Plan smartphone customers can now use 22GB of high-speed data during a billing period before becoming subject to network management practices that might result in reduced data speeds and increased latency.

As always, Unlimited Data Plan smartphone customers will still have the comfort of knowing that, no matter how much data they use in a billing cycle, they will continue to pay a single monthly flat rate. That is the essential promise of the Unlimited Data Plan, and we are pleased to continue honoring that promise. Further, speed reductions will occur only when the customer is using his or her device at times and in areas where there is network congestion and only for the remainder of the current billing cycle after the customer has exceeded the 22GB data usage threshold.

We will notify customers during each billing cycle when their data usage reaches 16.5GB (75% of 22GB) so they can adjust their usage to avoid network management practices that may result in slower data speeds.

The change comes following an FTC announcement that it plans to fine AT&T $100 million for misleading its customers about unlimited mobile data plans. The FCC’s investigation alleges that AT&T severely slowed down the data speeds for customers with unlimited data plans and that the company failed to adequately notify its customers that they could receive speeds slower than the normal network speeds AT&T advertised.

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AT&T Announces It Won't Throttle Unlimited Data Plan Users Until They Hit 22GB of Usage

PaulieP - September 17, 2015 at 2:51pm
I had unlimited data and I was throttled for reaching my five you could bite mark. They took me off that plan and gave me 15 GB. I still pay the same and I don't go over my data but it would be nice if I had that option of unlimited data. One month I almost went over and had to really keep an eye on my data usage and I don't like that. Screw you AT&T for throttling your customers and not offering services that you said you would offer to your customers. I hope your company goes into bankruptcy. I don't say that ever but I hope AT&T burns for what they have been doing to customers. Oh and Verizon included for overcharging the public and for illegally setting up all those cell towers back in the day behind the curtain. Screw them! Go T-Mobile, I'll be there very soon when contract ends next month. Can't wait!
88ender88 - September 16, 2015 at 8:06pm
We should make "unlimited phone payments," that throttle at $2.00 if our spending congestion is heavy. They could reduce this congestion by using some of the billions of dollars in bullshit charges they've stolen from hapless customers who signed up for one thing and were given another....
Looking at you. - September 16, 2015 at 5:15pm
T-Mobile don't get throttle I used 500gb a month and I'm still good. Lol
Butterspider - September 16, 2015 at 5:30pm
You should be throttled.....
Gabe - September 16, 2015 at 5:01pm
This is funny because they shouldn't be throttling customers at all. If you pay for an "Unlimited" plan, it should be just that. "Unlimited", no matter what or how much you end up using. This whole throttling thing is a load of bullshit. Period.
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