Google Shares Its 'Year in Search 2015' [Video]

Google Shares Its 'Year in Search 2015' [Video]

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Google has announced its most popular searches across an array of categories for 2015.

From devastation to empowerment and tragedy to hope, our 15th annual Year in Search uncovers the moments that captured the world’s hearts—and questions that revealed who we are. From “How can I help Nepal” to “How can the world find peace?” here’s a look back at 2015, through the lens of Google search.

The top global searches for the year are:
1. Lamar Odom
2. Charlie Hebdo
4. Jurassic World
5. Paris

Top trending global news stories were:
1. Charlie Hebdo
2. Paris
3. Hurricane Patricia
4. Isis
5. Nepal

In consumer tech, Apple dominated the top five:
1. iPhone 6S
2. Samsung Galaxy S6
3. Apple Watch
4. iPad Pro
5. LG G4

As usual, Google has made a video highlighting its year in search.

Check it out below...