Samsung Unveils ODB Dongle That Gives Your Car an LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot

Samsung Unveils ODB Dongle That Gives Your Car an LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot

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Samsung has unveiled a new connected car solution called Samsung Connect Auto.

The device plugs directly into the OBD II port underneath your steering wheel and users real-time alerts to help users improve their driving behavior, including increased fuel efficiency, while offering a Wi-Fi connection to keep passengers online while on-the-go. The solution is kept secure using Samsung KNOX. Samsung Connect Auto will initially be available in the second quarter in the U.S. AT&T will be the first wireless provider of the solution in the U.S.

“We have been listening to our customers and pushing boundaries to create a connected car ecosystem that seamlessly integrates our products and partner services for a better driving experience,” said Dr. Injong Rhee, Executive Vice President and Head of R&D, Software and Services, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics. “Through collaborations with valuable partners and experts across many industries, we are carrying out our vision of bringing IoT technology to people’s everyday lives.”

Samsung Unveils ODB Dongle That Gives Your Car an LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot

Here's a look at the device's features...

Safety and Peace of Mind
The backbone of Samsung Connect Auto is KNOX security and Tizen OS for interoperability. Samsung KNOX provides security from the hardware through the software levels, including applications. Prioritizing security differentiates Samsung Connect Auto from competitor offerings. Developers can leverage Tizen and Samsung’s Software Development Kit (SDK) to further evolve additional services. Samsung also encourages safe driving behavior by using geo-fencing and driver rating algorithms. In the event of an accident, emergency alerts notify the driver’s contacts and accident concierge services are provided. A “Find My Car” app also helps in locating your car in real-time using LTE and GPS.

Have Fun and Be Eco-friendly
A powerful LTE Wi-Fi hotspot enables multi-user internet access that lets passengers in the car stream content and play online games. Fuel efficiency analysis helps drivers consume less fuel through the use of proprietary algorithms that analyze miles travelled, time on the road and price per gallon – a valuable feature for those in the transportation and logistics field.

Save Money and Be Productive
A virtual mechanic intelligently checks your car status from the on-board diagnostic port to recommend maintenance and repair services offered by a specialized network. This enables quick notification of performance and helps reduce repair costs.

Drivers can leverage the solution’s Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) feature by opting to share their vehicle data to receive valuable insurance offerings. For those professionals who are often on the road, journey logs automatically generate an email report to help users track expenses while traveling for work, providing business mobility efficiency.

Companies currently participating as part of Samsung’s connected car ecosystem include Amdocs, AT&T, AXA, Blink by Agero, China Unicom, Cisco, Crawford & Company, Ericsson, Europcar, HERE, IBM, Jasper, Oberthur Technologies, Openbay, Orange, Tantalum and Willis Towers Watson.

Samsung Connect Auto is on display at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

Samsung Unveils ODB Dongle That Gives Your Car an LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot

GregHBNA - May 8, 2017 at 1:24pm
BIG BROTHER is watching with this modile!!!
phillong - February 24, 2016 at 6:56pm
why would I want wifi on my car when my LTE plan is much faster? also the ODB port on a car is always powered on so when this connected, it will drain the battery when the car is parked. this is no different than an OBD2 bluetooth reader they sell all over amazon.
TechnoGeek - February 24, 2016 at 8:29pm
ODB or OBD2 Dongle? OBD2 I believe is for cars 1998 or 96 and above, OBD itself if before those years. Technically it doesn't take a lot of power to get the OBD2 working, even if you left it on the vehicle for an extensive time. Unless it's draining the WIFI due to use while your part for 24 hours, maybe and maybe then, you many experience a battery issue. I have an OBD2 for my 2001 to verify the status of the vehicle and it didn't cost me no more than 15 bucks online... If the cost of this equipment is within the decent price. I would get it for many conveniences. I like the fact that you know where your car is at all time when it's plugged in.
TechnoGeek - February 23, 2016 at 5:06pm
This combines, Car operation OBD, Wifi Access, Remote Knowledge of the vehicle location. It's going to be the monthly and initial cost that will tell if this will be successful.
Mel2 - February 23, 2016 at 1:39am
My understanding is this creates a wi-fi hot spot, where you can use wi-fi. So if you are in the car or near it(hopefully within 300 feet) yo can get online. We need more details!
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