New Aerial Drone Video Shows Significant Progress on Apple Campus 2 Construction

New Aerial Drone Video Shows Significant Progress on Apple Campus 2 Construction

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A new aerial drone video that shows construction progress on Apple Campus 2 has been posted by Matthew Roberts.

Here's some highlights seen in the video...

- Roof of 'Spaceship' continues to progress
- AC2 will utilize passive cooling and heating systems
- Parking garages to hold 11,000 vehicles
- Solar panel installation on garages now 75% done
- Cranes have moved to new places since May video
- Underground portion of auditorium being covered
- Auditorium roof is made of carbon fiber weighing 80 tons
- Canopy, glass, and solar prep on interior and exterior of spaceship
- Research and development facility taking place
- 100,000 square foot fitness center for employees
- Giant mountain of dirt always evolving
- More Apple structures popping up on Tantau Ave
- Tunnels beginning to get covered with dirt

Apple is expected to complete construction of its new campus by the end of the year and begin moving in early next year.

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Chinky Chink - June 1, 2016 at 8:38am
This campus was impressively massive in square footage all for R&D, testings, corporate functions, and product reveals. Wouldn't it be much more impressive if Apple made provisions for actual manufacturing/assembly of their products within the confines of this campus?
Hey - June 1, 2016 at 12:06am
Here's the deal......iPhone 7 is going to do VERY well....ok? They will make a ton of money this fall/ much they will build a spaceship campus that's literally a spaceship. They got too many liberal fan boys/girls buying up there sh!t
(>~>) - May 31, 2016 at 10:48pm
If they spent more money innovating instead of pumping it into the new campus maybe we would have a half decent feature rich smartphone. Samsung is gaining on them and I'm getting mad about it ugh Apple is not currently superior anymore, I've spent too long saying how great Apple is pick it up guys !
Jeff the Killer - June 1, 2016 at 5:22am
Apple isn't Greg anymore? Are you just looking at the iPhone. Let me remind you this project has started a few years ago and any company good or bad can do the same easily, so by Apple standards,mThey are doing okay whether Samsung is ahead or not, but you can't really excuse anything because as usual, they release a phone months after apple does only to attempt to stay ahead of them, but for rich features, we got a few of them and you can figure it out yourself, but my point is about phones with a gap between that involves them being released months apart goes to show that a later released phone uses more new technology that may have been used later on after iPhone was released, so if anything, Apple ain't the problem here.
Bill and Ted - May 31, 2016 at 9:30pm
Wow, it can time-travel too? It's still May here...