A Walkthrough of Apple Campus 2 [Video]

A Walkthrough of Apple Campus 2 [Video]

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Apple has granted Popular Science a private walkthrough of its Apple Campus 2 construction site.

Campus 2 will run entirely on clean energy, powered by renewable sources. But what’s really grabbed our attention are the thousands of panels of curved window panes—the largest pieces of structural glass ever made—that will encase Apple’s mothership. Equally cool are the 60,000 pounds of hollow concrete slabs that allow the building to “breathe,” bolstering its eco-friendly qualities. With so many futuristic features, we wanted to get a closer look.

Take a look at the walkthrough video below and hit the link for some more details about Apple's big project. The company expects to be done construction at the end of the year and begin moving employees into the facility in early 2017.

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