Apple iPhone 7 Laps Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Real World Speed Test [Video]

Apple iPhone 7 Laps Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Real World Speed Test [Video]

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Check out this video comparing the real world speed of the iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Speed test between the Apple iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The iPhone 7 has Apple's new A10 Fusion chip, while the Note 7 we tested here features the Snapdragon 820 with 4 GB of RAM.

The iPhone 7 dominates in this test managing to open a series of 14 apps twice before the Galaxy Note 7 is able to open them once.

Take a look below!

Zapyaforpc - October 5, 2016 at 2:15pm
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kumaran - October 4, 2016 at 9:29am
It's an Apple lobbyists propaganda. This is the biggest foolishness i have heard for a long time and this type of foolish keeps coming back. It's an Android Vs iOS speed test (mobile OS). You're talking about two completely different operating systems. Samsung’s Touchwiz based on the Android 6 version of Android offers more customization options than Apple iOS. Touchwiz is probably the best ROM for Android. I like Touchwiz (Android) because it's well designed and functional, The iOS has lacked functionality. Android with Samsung's TouchWiz skin overlying the OS is very heavy and not to mention that the phone is also pushing a 2K screen with a retarded high DPI. Takes a lot of processing power to do all that. Since the iPhones has destroyed all speed tested Android phones. Because of iOS (Big impact). Android made by google, Not Samsung. Samsung Galaxy S7 (Exynos) beats Apple iPhone 7 in the Geekbench benchmark. A9 or A10 are not faster than Samsung Galaxy S7 Exynos (Geekbench benchmark). Apple A9 processors built by Samsung and TSMC. This video is a joke. Apple, better mobile OS.. that's... IT. Everything about the S7 beats the rest hands down... S7 - Best display, Best camera, Best battery life, Powerful Game Launcher and new Vulkan API. microSD or dual SIM model, Fast wireless charging, Water-resistant (IP68 rating). Samsung Pay (NFC + MST), VR and more. S7 has the best in every single corner. And iPhone still falls short against the S7. S7 vs iPhone 7 Camera test videos, Battery life test videos, Screen or Display test videos, Where are the videos? Because Apple lose? Hahaha... Samsung Galaxy S6 beats Apple iPhone 7. Camera test - Dxomark Mobiles Where is the news??? This site and its writers are iSheeps. They avoid Apple bad news all the time. The best all round phone this year is the S7. Samsung still beats Apple in the all round performance.
Cumedian - October 4, 2016 at 1:18pm
Half of what you said doesn't even make sense. Just because you say what you wish would happen with the s7 with performance that you drag on with doesn't mean your right about it. iPhone beats s7's performance because the ram is optimized and clearly you have no evidence surrounding what you expected to happen with s7 beating iPhone. The iPhone 7 also has stereo speakers unlike the Galaxy and it comes with lightning headphones with digital output. Also, EverythingApplePro tested both the iPhone 7 and the s7 and guess what? iPhone actually survived more than what apple rated the iPhone 7 water resistance level, yet the galaxy in general was once waterproof because of how the removable battery once was involved with gaskets surrounding it, and about wireless charging, if it's "wireless" then how come it's not useable within a certain range from the charger like an electronic device with a router? It might as well be wired charging with a base. Let's not forget iPhone 7 was ranked with the best performing display, but even at that, what difference does it make when comparing other displays that aren't distinguishable with detail when looking at pictures from a certain distance on a small screen (around 7" or under kind of small screen is what I'm reffering to). In fact, the camera is the same case here. Bottom line, iPhone 7 and s7 have some things that are either the same or one offers something more over the other.
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Joe - September 20, 2016 at 3:03am
The test should be 7 plus not the 7
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