New Apple Campus 2 Drone Footage [Video]

New Apple Campus 2 Drone Footage [Video]

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As we near the end of 2016, here's some new drone footage that shows construction progress on Apple Campus 2. Apple should be done building its new headquarters in early 2017.

The video was posted to YouTube by Matthew Roberts and Duncan Sinfield.

Apple Campus 2 Christmas/New Years Update 4K
● Solar installation estimated to be 65% complete
● Major work ongoing inside the auditorium reception area
● Rows of Apple solar panels are seen behind Tantau Ave.
● Tantau Ave is progressing at a rapid pace
● Majority of work on the R&D facility is occurring indoors
● A crane has made a re-appearance inside the spaceship
● Many different types of trees being planted around AC2
● Walkways are being created to & from various AC2 areas
● Tarps laid near maintenance facility due to rain
● Apple's mount of dirt is completely gone
● Main tunnel & security kiosk continue to evolve
● Bulldozers, excavators, & more are lined up on Christmas
● Major progress can be seen on the inside of the atrium
● Interior of the spaceship muddy due to recent rain

A Christmas Morning at Apple Campus 2 (4K Done)