Dance Reality Uses Apple ARKit to Help You Practice Your Dance Steps [Video]

Dance Reality Uses Apple ARKit to Help You Practice Your Dance Steps [Video]

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Dance Reality is an upcoming app that uses Apple ARKit to help you practice your dance steps by placing footprints onto the floor in front of you.

One of the two creators, Andy Albani, recently announced the app and a beta on Product Hunt.

"HI all! We're salsa dancers and app developers. We made this app with #ARKit. We're looking for testers who like to dance. It doesn't matter if you have two left feet. Beta starts next Wednesday. When we were beginner dancers, it was difficult to remember the steps while staying on the beat. Using Augmented Reality, we are making it easier for everyone to practice at home. Let us know what you think!"

Dance Reality lets you look through your phone to see animated footprints that you then follow to practice common dance patterns. The app isn't intended a substitute for a proper instructor but rather a tool that can help you practice step sequences and rhythm anywhere.

• Control the speed to learn at your own pace
• Counting voice-over helps you stay on the beat
• Choose a song to go with your steps
• Choose between Follow and Lead steps
• Solo and Couple practice
• Instructional videos from trained dancers

Check out the demo video below and hit the link to sign up for the beta...

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D4xM4Nx - July 10, 2017 at 4:11am
I'd rather go watch drunk MFs dancing at parties! What I want is X-Ray AR apps to be sure I'm smashing it right :D
Wowwa - July 9, 2017 at 4:38pm
Wow the future is bright. Waiting patiently for BJ reality :)