Apple Airs First Chinese iPhone Ad [Video]

Apple Airs First Chinese iPhone Ad [Video]

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Apple has begun airing video commercials in China to boost sales for the iPhone, according to Brainstorm Tech.

China Unicom signed up only 5,000 new subscribers in the iPhone's first four days of sale which analyst found disappointing.

High prices, lack of Wi-Fi, a market saturated with knock-off and black-market phones, and strong-arm tactics on the part of China Unicom's chief rival explain the poor figures.

iPhonAsia's Dan Butterfield reports that retailers have received threatening letters from China Mobile warning them not to sell the iPhone. "The precise wording of these letters is unknown but this is more than just a suggestion." writes, "Many cell phone distributors received formal notification that 'Selling iPhones is not recommended,' or 'Selling iPhones is not allowed or China Mobile will fine you or stop cooperation with you.' "

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