Sonos Removes Numerous Features From Its Software for Mac and Windows

Sonos Removes Numerous Features From Its Software for Mac and Windows

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Sonos has released Sonos Software 9.2 which removes Mac and Windows support for numerous setting and configuration features. Customers are directed to use the Sonos app for iOS or Android to regain the missing functionality.

● Setup and configuration options have been removed from the Desktop Controller for Windows and macOS. It is no longer possible to use the Desktop Controller to setup or transfer a Sonos system, add a player, create or separate stereo pairs, register players, setup a TV, enable parental controls, manage network settings, adjust line-in settings, opt in or out of beta programs, or change Sonos account passwords. Please use the Sonos App for iOS or Android to change these settings instead.
● This update ends connectivity for the Sonos Dock, originally released in 2010. Upon updating to version 9.2, the Dock will no longer connect to your system (although it can still be used as a charger). Learn more at

Other updates in this release include:
● Automatic player updates: effortlessly keep your system on the latest software by setting your Sonos players to download and install new versions at times when you're not listening.
● Set a maximum volume in any room and prevent players from exceeding your desired volume level. Max volume is perfect for limiting volume levels in children's rooms or shared spaces.
● The Desktop Controller for Windows and macOS now has an updated design in line with the Sonos app. Certain settings have been removed, see below for details.
● This version adds software support for the forthcoming Sonos Amp.
● The app will now prompt you to remove your iPhone or iPad's case when performing Trueplay tuning.
● It is now possible to disable a player's built-in wireless using the Sonos App. The player must be hard-wired in order to enable the option and disconnecting its hard wire will re-enable the player's built-in wireless.

More details at the link below. You can check out Sonos lineup of speakers here.

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Sonos Removes Numerous Features From Its Software for Mac and Windows