First Reviews of the Samsung Galaxy Fold [Video]

First Reviews of the Samsung Galaxy Fold [Video]

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The first reviews of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone are hitting the web. The device made headlines this week as several reviewers experienced problems with the foldable display; however, Samsung is moving forward with its April 26th release.

Check out a roundup of reviews below. We'll keep adding more as they become available...

The Verge:
Is that worth two thousand bucks? Is it worth all of the compromises and first-generation problems you run into with this device? Is it worth the risk of buying a phone whose screen might be so fragile that it could break at any minute if a piece of debris gets in between it and the hinge? No, it is not.

But it is worth thinking about. Even though I would never buy the Galaxy Fold and wouldn’t recommend anybody else does either, I’m going to keep thinking about it. Because there might be the start of something really new here, something really different. I just wish it wasn’t also something really broken.

Foldable displays may one day allow us to carry phones that fold down to the size of a credit card, or phones that – like the Fold – open up to tablets. Apple sources some of its screens from Samsung, so imagine an iPhone that unfolds into an iPad. That’s what this technology enables. I look forward to that day. Given the problems we had with this phone, I’m skeptical it will come any time soon.

The luxe $2,000 folding-screen phone could be destroyed simply by removing a clear plastic sticker? Yep.

Business Insider:
The Fold is a promising glimpse at where smartphones are headed, but it's also clearly a first attempt. For a device like the Fold to truly be worth the money and time you're investing in it, Samsung needs to prove the screen malfunctions that plagued some review units are no longer a problem.

Tom's Guide:
The Galaxy Fold is a status symbol for people who want to be on the cutting edge of phones. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. If you're someone who travels a lot and like the idea of accessing a big screen whenever you want it, the Galaxy Fold could be worth the splurge. Depending on how you work, the Fold may even replace your laptop for short stretches.

However, we are holding off on a final rating and any sort of recommendation until Samsung gets to the bottom of why some Galaxy Fold screens are breaking or malfunctioning.

nocci - April 20, 2019 at 3:54am
Seems like the company is now going to have to cancel planned "ads" to insult the iPhone (at least for now).