Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 83

Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 83

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Apple released Safari Technology Preview 83 today, an update to its browser that offers a sneak peek at upcoming web technologies in macOS and iOS.

Here's a look at what's new:

Release 83
● Fixed isPrimary property of pointercancel events to match previous events for that pointer
● Fixed calling preventDefault() on pointerdown to prevent “compatibility” mouse events

Storage Access API
● Changed to only consume the user gesture when the user explicitly denies access and made document.hasStorageAccess() return true when the feature is off

● Implemented backing-sharing in compositing layers, allowing overlap layers to paint into the backing store of another layer
● Changed layers painting into shared backing to contribute to overlap
● Changed to repaint when the set of backing-sharing layers changes
● Fixed rendering of backing-sharing layers with transforms
● Fixed layer bounds for sharing layers that paint with transforms
● Fixed layer-related flashing with composited overflow: scroll
● Fixed overflow: scroll that becomes non-scrollable to stop being composited
● Fixed content disappearing when the scroller hosting a shared layer becomes non-scrollable
● Fixed rendering issues when layer contents become non-opaque

Service Workers
● Changed to terminate a service worker instance when its SWServer is destroyed
● Changed a service worker process to app nap when all of its clients app nap

● Implemented line-break: anywhere
● Implemented a modern “clearfix” with display: flow-root
● Implemented page-break-* and -webkit-column-break-* as legacy-shorthands.
● Fixed font-optical-sizing applying the wrong variation value
● Updated CSS grid when changing auto repeat type
● Updated to use max size to compute auto repeat CSS grid tracks

● Defined a media buffering policy
● Allowed sequential playback of media files when initial playback started with a user gesture
● Fixed video stream freezing when the front camera orientation changes

● Fixed the in-view center point for elements larger than the viewport

● Changed to preserve DOM selection after clicking a button that hides itself on mousedown
● Limited the number of prefetches of a given page

Web Inspector
● Changed the user gesture toggle to also force a user interaction flag
● Fixed the colors in the network table waterfall container for Dark Mode
● Fixed context menu items in the DOM tree when not clicking directly on the node representation in the Elements tab
● Fixed Storage tab crashes when adding new local storage or session storage entries
● Fixed the CPU timeline and Memory timeline bars sometimes incorrectly drawing and jumping around while scrolling
● Made it easier to switch to a DOM node in the Elements tab from a returned DOM node in the Audit tab

You can download Safari Technology Preview from the link below!


Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 83