New iPhone 11 Pro Has 13% Faster LTE Than iPhone XS [Report]

New iPhone 11 Pro Has 13% Faster LTE Than iPhone XS [Report]

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The new iPhone 11 Pro offers significantly faster LTE speeds than the iPhone XS, according to speed testing app SpeedSmart.

The company shared a chart comparing the speeds of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone XS on AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon.

The new #iPhone11 Pro and Pro Max include faster 4G LTE, how much faster? About 13% faster vs. iPhone Xs that's quite an improvement YoY. Looks like a faster better modem. #AppleEvent

Apple touted an improvement in LTE speed and WiFi speed during the unveiling but did not provide any specifics. We're likely to see more speed data after the iPhone 11 Pro releases next week.

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New iPhone 11 Pro Has 13% Faster LTE Than iPhone XS [Report]

takeachillpill - September 12, 2019 at 12:41am
The 11 should also test 13% faster since looks like now using same chip just did not add the extra antennas for the 4x4 mimo but wont be 100% till teardown so intel xmm 7660 but since now playing nice with Qualcomm later units will most likely be sourced from both so hopefully apple does a better job of limiting the most likely better Qualcomm chip or will have some iphones with better signal and speeds like happened with 7 models. this test did not compare the 11 to xr so there will be that test down the road.
NoGoodNick - September 11, 2019 at 10:07pm
Given the non-exciting form factor and new features, this and the newest, under-utilized chip are probably the biggest draws, though much less than the not-yet-functionalists 5G everyone is obsessing over. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s limited to the still-overpriced Pro model, rather than the less-than-expected basic model. However, I’ll wait yet another yeah, hoping that with continuing falling smartphone sales, Apple will finally ‘wise-up’ concerning their premiere pricing models.