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New 2020 iPhone to Feature Wider Antenna Lines, Smaller Notch?

New 2020 iPhone to Feature Wider Antenna Lines, Smaller Notch?

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Apple's next generation iPhone may feature wider antenna lines and a smaller notch, according to information shared by @BenGeskin.

Earlier today, Geskin tweeted that Apple's 2020 iPhone will use a new antenna line material (glass, ceramic or sapphire) instead of plastic. To support 5G, prototypes allegedly have antenna lines that are over 1mm wide.

2020 iPhone prototypes include wider antenna lines (>1mm) for 5G. Instead of plastic lines it will use a new material (glass, ceramic or sapphire)

Additionally, Geskin claims that Apple is testing multiple Face ID prototypes including some which fit in the top bezel of the device.

Apple is testing a few Face ID prototypes with new optics, some are smaller in width, some are narrower to fit in the top bezel.

Finally, Geskin says that long term Apple would like to remove the Lightning port in favor of wireless charging and data transfer via UWB.

Apple long-term plan is to get rid of the Lightning port for the Wireless charging and data transfer (UWD technology - 480Mbps (USB 3.0) speed at 3 meters, 110Mbps at 10 meters)

While Geskin has shared some accurate information in the past, these claims have not been verified or corroborated by other sources. Hit the link below for more details and please follow iClarified on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or RSS for updates.

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New 2020 iPhone to Feature Wider Antenna Lines, Smaller Notch?

nocci - October 23, 2019 at 3:42am
If they really plan to take away lightning, then let's hope that wireless charging (even though I can't actually transfer battery life to the battery itself through air, which by the way would be nice) will be as perfected to where it doesn't wear out more and even by a bit than charging by lightning. Better yet, never take it out.