Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Would Welcome iMessage on Windows [Video]

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Would Welcome iMessage on Windows [Video]

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says he would welcome Apple's iMessage on Windows 11 in an interview with WSJ's Joanna Stern.

Windows 11, due out later this year, is full of new features, including a new Start menu that's been moved to the center and a Microsoft Store with Android apps. In an exclusive interview, WSJ’s Joanna Stern spoke with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella about the software, the influence of the pandemic and his strategy of competing with Google and Apple.

In the interview, Stern asks Nadella, "So if you have an Android phone it works great with Windows, what about the iPhone?"

Nadella responds: "We would love to make sure that it works better. I mean we do anything we can. Like anything that Apple wants to do with Windows whether it's iTunes or iMessage or what have you, we would welcome that. But overall we want to make sure that our software runs great on Apple devices and Windows works well with any software from anyone whether its Google or Apple or Adobe or anyone."

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