Austin Mann Reviews New iPhone 13 Pro Camera [Video]

Austin Mann Reviews New iPhone 13 Pro Camera [Video]

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Photographer Austin Mann has posted his review of the camera on the new iPhone 13 Pro.

We’ve spent the last week in southern Tanzania, exploring this vast natural habitat and capturing all its beauty with the iPhone 13 Pro’s camera. As I watched Apple’s keynote about this year’s iPhone release, I was most excited about the new macro capability, increased telephoto zoom, and Cinematic mode.

Austin Mann Reviews New iPhone 13 Pro Camera [Video]

After testing the iPhone 13 Pro, Mann notes that for macro photographers this year's upgrade is a no-brainer, describing macro as a fourth lens that offers an entirely new camera capability.

For iPhone 12 Pro users that don't have Max model, this year's upgrade is a more substantial, giving you a bigger sensor and a 33% increase in the Telephoto lens.

Filmmakers will also see notable improvements with ProRes support (coming soon), the 3x Telephoto lens, and Cinematic mode.

For everyday users, Mann says this year's update may be more nuanced; however, Photographic Styles and improve Smart HDR 4 will impact each photo you take.

You can read the full review at the link below...

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