4D v12 is Now Available

4D v12 is Now Available

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4D has announced the availability of 4D v12, the latest full upgrade to the 4D product line of integrated tools for developing and deploying desktop, client-server and Business Internet Applications.

More evolutionary than revolutionary:
Based on proven, mature underpinnings, 4D v12 is part of a more gradual and consistent upgrade path intended to bring more and more developers and end-users to the latest 4D technologies.

"4D v12 is a natural upgrade for anyone using the 4D platform in any capacity," said Laurent Ribardiere, chairman and founder of 4D. "The previous version, 4D v11 SQL, was the greatest technological leap in the company's history. 4D v12, on the other hand, is an evolutionary release built on the foundation of 4D v11 SQL, ensuring a quick and easy migration."

Productivity oriented features:
And while 4D v12 aims not to shake the foundations, it doesn't skimp on features. Numerous new functionalities are designed to make both developers and end-users remarkably more productive.

A richer interface provides users with the ability to employ rich text practically anywhere. Hierarchical, printable list boxes streamline the view of data. An all-new code editor brings developers tools to program more efficiently. Printing is improved. Development is more modular with new components and widgets. A 64-bit version of 4D Server v12 (currently in beta but soon to be released) handles more concurrent users and/or processes than ever before.

And last, but not least, 4D v12 can execute PHP, giving developers an entire universe of free, functional code at their fingertips. 4D applications can take advantage of any type of PHP functionality transparently, so developers can bring users even more features more quickly.

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4D v12 is Now Available