How to Unlock iphone 3g

How to Unlock iphone 3g

Posted October 2, 2012 at 2:50pm by ljhurt · 4560 views
I was able to jailbreak my iphone 3 g using your tutorial. Thank you. I used 4.2.1 with the firmware 05.15.04. The jailbreak seemed successful so I was going to try to unlock it. Cydia opened fine but when I tried to install UltrsnOw I get this error message at the end of the download. sub process/bin/bzip2 returned error code(2) GP error. http// following signatures were invalid.: no data1 no data 2 failed to fetch returned an error code(2) Some inbox files failed to download. They have been ignored or old ones used instead. So when I hit sources in Cydia and hit on , the address loads but the program never uploads. Was the jailbreak unsuccessful? Any ideas on what to try next? Thank you again for your help. ljhurt

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- April 30, 2014 at 7:03am
Did you try to unlock iPhone from carrier lock ? If so, i would suggest you to use Remote unlocking method to unlock it . You can get it from any of the online vendors like to unlock it.
VBee - October 3, 2012 at 6:35am
usually, when i get that error, i repeat the installation process,. coz as far as i know, that error message will ocure when the connection to the source server is interrupted or lost..

but in your case, you should re jailbreak again using redsn0w and check the upgrade ipad baseband as your baseband now (05.15) in not unlockable.. so you can unlock your 3g. after you get in the menu, do not open your cydia yet,..

but rejailbreak your 3g using the same redsn0w and check the downgrade from ipad baseband, so your 3g will have 05.13 baseband and ready to unlock.

then do the unlock process...
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