My iphone is bricked and the home button is down too :(

Asked December 8, 2015 at 1:30pm by Kingjinz | 2385 views | Mark as Spam
So basically I tried to restore my iphone 5s (ios 8.4 jailbroken) cause Cydia wasnt working well. It is stucked now on apple logo with a bar under it. it's been a while now. I tried to put it on dfu mode to restore it through itunes but can't do that cause my home button is down . please help:(
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sabon555 - March 10, 2016 at 3:24pm
First of all, your phone is not bricked, it is just screwed up. Trust me there is a huge difference. Second of all, try rebooting your phone and as soon as you see an apple logo (before the loading bar), press and hold Volume + button. Keep holding it. If main boot files are not corrupted (90% of the time they are not corrupted) you should boot into your iOS. Holding process could take anywhere from 2-15 minutes depending on the amount of data on your phone. If it goes back to loading bar while holding Volume + and gets stuck on the same spot, then this process is not for you and you will need to seek further help. Perhaps trying to replace/fix Home button first.
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