How to Use AirDrop in Mac OS X Lion [Video]

How to Use AirDrop in Mac OS X Lion [Video]

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These are instructions on how to use the new AirDrop feature to send and receive files in Mac OS X Lion.

With AirDrop, you can send files to anyone around you wirelessly — no Wi-Fi network required. And no complicated setup or special settings. Just click the AirDrop icon in the Finder sidebar, and your Mac automatically discovers other AirDrop users within about 30 feet of you. To share a file, simply drag it to someone’s name. Once accepted, the fully encrypted file transfers directly to that person’s Downloads folder.

Step One
Open a new Finder window by clicking its icon in the dock.
How to Use AirDrop in Mac OS X Lion [Video]

Step Two
Select AirDrop from the list of favorites on the left.
How to Use AirDrop in Mac OS X Lion [Video]

*You may be prompted to enable Wi-Fi if it's turned off.
How to Use AirDrop in Mac OS X Lion [Video]

Step Three
You'll see your computer at the bottom center of the window.
How to Use AirDrop in Mac OS X Lion [Video]

Once the recipient navigates to AirDrop in their Finder window their device will appear on your screen.
How to Use AirDrop in Mac OS X Lion [Video]

Step Four
Drag a file on top of the recipient computer and click Send from the popup menu that appears.
How to Use AirDrop in Mac OS X Lion [Video]

Step Five
A popup will appear on the recipient computer asking you if you want to accept and save the file.
How to Use AirDrop in Mac OS X Lion [Video]

Step Six
The file will be downloaded into their Downloads folder.

Kory - September 4, 2011 at 12:00pm
I might be batieng a dead horse, but thank you for posting this!
Nir Hus - August 8, 2011 at 1:35am
This feture is great. It is simple to use and very useful. It works great. The only drawback is the inability to utilize it on older macs, why? Nir Hus
Lepaka - August 7, 2011 at 8:41pm
Being in Mac Computers used to be wonderful, but the Jobs CAPITALISM is killing it! Greedy?! I cant answer it ... I love my macbookpro 2duo core 2.4 i will not spend more money to buy i new one, just because someone had a brillant new feature as the Airdrop and desable it from thd old Mac!!
Ryan - August 8, 2011 at 12:04am
You're an idiot! It's not because of "greedy Steve Jobs or capitalism, its because your computer is out of date and doesn't have the right hardware. Quit your whining and blame game
lepaka - August 8, 2011 at 6:56am
I can swallow it, i can even think „pour Jobs! Is also a Dummy and don´t know how to do it”, but you know what? Wi-Fi communications are done using protocols and there is still only 4 protocols available the “a, b, g, n” – once the machine have them, andmy machine have the protocol n, you should be able to transfer data across it! or … i´m the DUMMY! Also my iPhone 3GS as only the Wi-Fi protocol g and have the Hotspot from iOS available, USB and Bluetooth modes, but no Wi-Fi! Mr. Jobs turn it off! Why? The engineering team at Apple is DUMMY! I have it available with the Cydia App “MyWi” and it works perfectly. Don´t get me wrong, they are still on a very higher level than any other … but greedy will kill them.
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