Help the EFF Keep Jailbreaking Legal

Help the EFF Keep Jailbreaking Legal

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation is asking for your help to keep jailbreaking legal.

Last month, the EFF filed a request with the Copyright Office to renew the exemption to the DMCA that allows for jailbreaking (otherwise it will expire) and to add a new exemption to allow jailbreaking of video game consoles. Now they need your assistance.

How You Can Help
The Copyright Office needs to hear from people who depend on the ability to jailbreak to write, use, and/or tinker with independent software (from useful apps to essential security fixes) for smartphones, tablets, and game consoles.

Comments should include:
● Which jailbreaking exemption are you supporting-smartphones/tablets, video game consoles, or both?
● What's your background (i.e., are you a developer, hobbyist, academic, independent researcher, user, etc.)?
● What device do you want to ensure you have the legal authority to jailbreak?
● Please explain why you want to jailbreak this device. What limitations do you face if you aren't able to jailbreak it? Is there software you couldn't run, computing capabilities you wouldn't have, cool things you couldn't do, etc.?
● If you're a developer, did an online application store or console manufacturer reject your app or game? If so, what reasons did they give?
● Is there anything else you want to tell the Copyright Office?

You can use this to submit your comments to the Copyright Office. Where the form says "Comment number(s) of proposed classes of works to which you are responding," enter a "3" if you're writing about game consoles or a "5" if you're writing about smartphones or tablets.

The cutoff for submitting comments is February 10 at 5 PM Eastern Time. Make sure to email a copy of your comment to the EFF at so that they know what you're saying.

Your help in this regard will ensure a vibrant and legal iPhone jailbreak community and prevent corporations such as Sony from attacking hackers who free our devices.

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Help the EFF Keep Jailbreaking Legal

budsal - January 25, 2012 at 9:24pm
I did it. You should do it too. I can only hope it makes a difference and jailbreaking remains legal. PS Anyone who supports the legality of jailbreaking "should" also support the people creating the jailbreaks. At least the ones who accept donations. $1 is better than nothing. That's my opinion. I'm not trying to start a debate. So I say, unauthoritavely, do what you want. I only ask on their behalf to consider what you feel the jailbreak is worth. Ask yourself if the time they devote to jailbreaking these devices is worth anything. Whatever your answer is, it surely is the correct answer for you.
I❤jailbreak - January 25, 2012 at 12:33pm
I'll support jailbreaking
Sks - January 25, 2012 at 2:49am
No you dont get. Sony and other big companies protect us from hackers by attacking them. No one want to hackers stole our credit cards and personal information. Jailbreaking is bad and everybody knows that.
madcow - January 25, 2012 at 3:53pm
Is this sarcasm? I can't tell. You do know the jailbreaking and hacking of sony servers aren't the same right? Those hackers hacked Sony. They didn't get the numbers off a jailbroken ps3.
budsal - January 25, 2012 at 9:12pm
I don't think he's being sarcastic. I think he's being ignorant of the subject matter.
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