Sony PS3 Jailbreak Hacker Bankrupted, May End Up in Jail

Sony PS3 Jailbreak Hacker Bankrupted, May End Up in Jail

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Although Geohot was able to settle with Sony over the PS3 jailbreak, other hackers have not fared as well.

Graf_chokolo is a hacker who worked hard to bring linux back after Sony removed the install option from the PS3. He has run out of money to fight Sony's lawyers and may end up in jail as a result.

Hi guys, no money left anymore. Going to jail soon probably because i cannot pay court costs.

But i’m ready to stand up for everything i said and go to jail for that too. It’s not important to win, more important is to show them that we are ready to fight, that they cannot scare me off easily. Yeah, i’m ready to go to jail for my believes and my principles.

Most of people probably think that all computer and kernel hackers are weak kids, hiding in a cellar, eating pizza whole day, writing software and looking for attention :-) Maybe, but that’s NOT me. And i will get out eventually and continue my work. My work means very much to me.

Those looking to contribute to Graf's defense can do so here.

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Sony PS3 Jailbreak Hacker Bankrupted, May End Up in Jail
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Zoke - July 31, 2012 at 8:35pm
Find out if your Playstation is jailbreakable -
Baxter - June 20, 2011 at 1:40pm
I don't get it..he runs out of money so he goes to jail. WTF?? "..liberty & justice for all" has become "..liberty & justice if you can pay the greedy fucking lawyer and corporate fucks". Last I checked, jailbreaking was deemed LEGAL on the iPhone by a court decision. How can these idiotic judges side with Sony's BS when they are supposed to follow the law? It's one thing to show he hacked the PS3 & stole from Sony, but just to modify it to run Linux can (in no fucking way!) be illegal. The precedents set by this case and GeoHots are a joke. Thomas Jefferson should be turning in his grave right now, along with the other writers of the constitution.
John - June 20, 2011 at 10:17pm
that's what normal reaction on this news should look like, 100 % agree with you, dude. I've posted my comment but they deleted it after an hour or so. A+
MCF3778 - June 21, 2011 at 5:10am
the dcma rule is murky at best.... the ps3 and apple tv are not phones!
Abe2k1 - June 20, 2011 at 12:53pm
I don't see why Sony goes after "hackers"? What I see is this: If you don't want anyone to mess with your product, then don't sell it. Hasn't anyone learned that inventions are are dead? All people are doing now of days is stealing off of someone else and making changes and calling it "new" or "a break through". Everyone on this planet are mooching off of someone else to make that ALL MIGHTY DOLLAR. With all of this in mind, I suggest one of two things for hackers and business giants. 1. Shut down your operations and quit crying over spilled milk. If you put out a product, then expect for someone else to reverse engineer it or make modifications to it. 2. Hire these "hackers" to improve in your favor. People just need to stop bitching about bullshit and move on. Life is too short to whine just because you didn't get your way. This is all just my opinion and probably get deleted shortly..........
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