Teo is a Bluetooth Padlock That Works With Your iPhone

Teo is a Bluetooth Padlock That Works With Your iPhone

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Teo is looking to redefine the padlock by using bluetooth to secure and lock up your items.

TEO is the first key-less padlock that you can unlock, lock, access and share with our app on your Bluetooth enabled device.TEO has unlocked a better way to manage your keys and therefore, we're happy to say, your life.

We have built TEO, the world's very first key-less padlock system, that you can open, close, access and share with a simple touch of your smartphone. Anytime and anywhere you happen to be.

With TEO, your smartphone is now your keys.

Users can use the iOS app (Android support will come later) to open and close the lock. You can also allow permission for other users to open a particular lock, in essence giving them the 'keys' to the lock from anywhere in the world.

As for battery life, Teo expects the lock to last up to one year. They are currently working on a device to 'jump' the lock if it ever dies as well as a spare battery to swap out the dead one.

Teo is looking for $165,000 CAD ($151,000 USD) to fund the project and the estimated ship dates are currently in December.

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Teo is a Bluetooth Padlock That Works With Your iPhone
Teo is a Bluetooth Padlock That Works With Your iPhone

Ali - January 15, 2014 at 7:21am
What if my mobile stolen or forgotten somewhere. They should add something else to open the lock.
cdnexpat - January 14, 2014 at 9:25am
I would love to invest in this company. I hope that they have the patents! This technology could easily be applied to door locks, where you have to share the keys, or give the PINs. Hotels could also use that technology to replace cards that often need to be reprogrammed every day! These guys are on to something!
hoving - January 14, 2014 at 3:11am
What a total waste of money. Can you imagine walking your bike up in New York City this? I don't think Come back when you have bigger and better woks my friend!
Nat - January 14, 2014 at 12:03pm
If you know why it doesn't work then you would have a point, but this is a great idea. The key is always with you and you can access the lock, just like K mentioned it is like touch id, Bluetooth is the key on us, we only use it to unlock.
bigjib - January 14, 2014 at 1:30am
would be better if this integrate into the bike. some hardware attachment to the brakes then can swing around and lock the wheel for a temporary lock. long term parking this lock is too wimpy. then the advantage would be speed.
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