Verizon Cuts More Everything Pricing to Compete With AT&T and T-Mobile

Verizon Cuts More Everything Pricing to Compete With AT&T and T-Mobile

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Verizon has cut the pricing of its More Everything plan for customers who use a lot of data to compete with AT&T and T-Mobile's latest offerings.

Subscribers to the Edge early-upgrade program who are on a 10GB or higher data plan can add smartphones to their plan for an additional $15. That's $5 less than previous cost of $20 per additional device.

Verizon has also cut the cost of its monthly access fee from $40 to $25. Thus, a family of four will pay $160/month for 10GB of data and unlimited calling/texting.

More details on the Verizon Edge program can be found at the link below...

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Verizon Cuts More Everything Pricing to Compete With AT&T and T-Mobile

!!!ftW - April 15, 2014 at 8:08pm
They lost me long ago. I was tired of the 4g scam, speed but mostly how I got ripped off.
Jonnybb1 - April 15, 2014 at 7:11pm
Just got off the phone with a rep at Verizon to discuss this plan and how it would effect my account. I was on the Share Everything Plan, 4 phones, 8 gb data for $250 per month. They arbitrarily, without consent, moved me to the More Everything Plan but left the rate I pay the same and I do not get any additional services (except for the free cloud storage which is useless to me). The rep explained they are legally able to shift plans and offerings without consent since the 2 year contract is for the subsidized device purchase, not the plan (which is BS). In order to receive discounts to match what AT&T is currently offering (4 phones 10gb data $160 @mo) I would have to "Edge Up" all 4 devices, and agree to the new Edge promotional agreements, and still fulfill the remaining contract term. Also since I'd have to "trade-in" old devices I'm loosing their resell value (BTW my phones are IP5s, and a GS4). So to summarize how Verizon puts the screws to existing customers, I'd have to lose over $1200 in resell value, spend $675 in ETF, then purchase new phones under a new Edge agreement, in order to see a <$90 per month rate reduction. That calculates to nearly 1.5 year R.O.I. which is not worth it in my book. So I'm going to run out my contract term with Verizon, and go to a BYOD plan afterwards since the secondary market is saturated with new to semi-new devices (ie ebay, craigslist, Amazon...). If they don't want to subsidize devices anymore that's fine, it will force down the over-inflated prices of smatphones and cause carries to rethink their loyalties to the end users.
!!!ftW - April 15, 2014 at 8:06pm
1.5 what a year? And what did r.o.i. stand for?
FRANKIE 5 - April 4, 2014 at 2:28pm
VERIZON EDGE IS BULLSHIT! i just called and asked if i can jump onboard the edge program so i can get the galaxy s5 .and as PER verizonwireless you can not upgrade to the samsung galaxy s5 on edge .atleast untill a few months has passed he said because this is a new Device! and im like ummmm ok then verizon edge is totally useless and dumb is that i thought u were suppose to be able to get the latest and greatest with the EDGE program! apparently NOT! they dont tell u everything up front! SCAM
K - April 3, 2014 at 4:13pm
Still ain't making a damn difference with contract and 4g speed. The second T-Mobile changed the game made Borizon and gayt&t force to change prices.