Google to Announce Android TV at Google I/O in June?

Google to Announce Android TV at Google I/O in June?

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Google is set to launch Android TV at its Google I/O developer conference that takes place June 25–26, 2014 in San Francisco, reports GigaOm.

Android TV won't be another device, instead it will be a platform that companies can use to bring streaming services to their televisions and set-top boxes. At least initially, Android TV is said to be all about online media services and Android video games, rather than trying to marry existing pay TV services with apps.

Google has been partnering with various services such as Netflix and Hulu for the launch. It's also expected to announce a few hardware partners.

GigaOm says the key focus of Android TV is simplicity.

Key to that is something the company has internally been calling Pano. The idea behind Pano is that apps can surface individual pieces of content right on the home screen in a card-like fashion so that users can browse movies, TV shows and other types of media as soon as they turn on an Android TV.

The cards can be browsed horizontally and each movie or TV show will link into a publisher's apps, letting the user start playback right away.

Originally, Android TV had an even more radical vision that would have removed app user interfaces altogether. Publishers would have provided data feeds that would have been display via tweakable templates. Apparently, publishers weren't too happy about that idea.

In April, leaked documents and screenshots revealed more about Android TV. Check those out here.

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Google to Announce Android TV at Google I/O in June?

iPhone monolith - June 1, 2014 at 12:30pm
I remember the hand sensor on samshit tv. I knew it would flop before I even tried it but that shit has a mind of its own. Half the time it read my hand but you have to move really slow for it to read, and the response takes a second when you make a fist. Technically speaking that's why we have anything like a wii remote or something similar, 3x faster and your arm doesn't get tired. Oh and get this, samshit just released a curved tv, CURVED tv. Ok so now we go back to something that we got rid of for so long that never served a purpose and some people are excited about it? Oh god save us all.
Imi - June 1, 2014 at 2:29am
Here comes the first lagy tv lol
King Rollo - May 31, 2014 at 6:55pm
Where did they get the idea for this from? ;)
Woz - May 31, 2014 at 8:31pm
They got it from the same place apple got their idea. ROKU. All apple does is copy everyone and then blames everyone else for copying.
Joku - May 31, 2014 at 8:34pm
Woz, Apple TV was made in 2006 and roku came in 2008, what's this blame business if anyone tries to claim us we brag and defend? You sound like those trolls. All they do is gimmick and joke and try to make us sound bad when they don't get their stuff straight. I'm not saying you're cruel but that's how they do it like you.
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