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Apple Posts Two New 'Your Verse' iPad Stories [Video]

Apple Posts Two New 'Your Verse' iPad Stories [Video]

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Apple has updated its home page showing two new Your Verse stories, as part of its iPad campaign that kicked off earlier this year.

The first new story features musicians Luke Wang and Peter Feng who formed Yaoband to push musical boundaries. Apple notes that the iPad helps them 'capture, record and perform' their innovative songs wherever the journey takes them.

Soaring vocals and thunderous power chords, driven by a synth-heavy beat. Anything goes when it’s a song by Yaoband, a group founded on a shared vision of musical experimentation. Long before they played together, Luke Wang and Peter Feng produced tracks for some of China’s biggest artists. While professionally successful, they felt their creative vision was stifled. “We wanted to bring a new kind of music to Chinese music fans,” says Luke Wang. So they formed Yaoband to explore this new sound.

Inspired by the pulse of life in modern China, they started by capturing audio samples with iPad and turning them into progressive beats. Nothing was sacred as they flowed in and out of musical genres, mixing electronica with rock, rap, and traditional Chinese songs. “We were just like scientists in a lab, trying many formulas,” says Peter. “Every single song was a surprise, because it was always better than I imagined.”

You can read more about Yaoband and how they use iPad here.

Apple Posts Two New 'Your Verse' iPad Stories [Video]

The next new story features Jason Hall, a cofounder of the Slow Roll city bike ride which rallies thousands across Detroit to experience the rebirth of the city. Hall is able to use his iPad to turn his weekly event into a 'source of inspiration' for the city.

"I started Slow Roll to show Detroit in a positive light. I love my city, and I wanted to help other people love it again. My iPad helped make it happen," Hall says.

It takes heart to live in Detroit. Locals are quick to acknowledge their city’s challenges, and Jason Hall was no different. “I was feeling a bit beaten down by this city,” he says. But everything changed when a friend suggested he do the simplest thing: Take a bike ride to clear his head. “I got out and started to see Detroit in a different way,” he says. “On the ground level, you see the potential that exists. The city’s wide open for new ideas.”

After that eye-opening ride, Hall had an idea of his own. “I wanted to convince other people to see Detroit the way I was seeing it,” he says. “The plan was, let’s start a bike ride and see if people want to go with us.”

Hall users a variety of Apps to help make his weekly events a success. You can read more about his story over here.

Apple Posts Two New 'Your Verse' iPad Stories [Video]

Al - August 26, 2014 at 1:52am
The track being used in the slow rolling spot reminds me of something by The Meters. The opening notes sound a lot like Cissy Strut
John - August 12, 2014 at 12:26pm
This is what Apple has to start using in ther advertising. The current " Your Verse" adds put me and my friends to sleep! Instead of Your Verse the current campaign could be called "apple PM "! Get Dr. Dre inlolved with the campaigns, his World Cup short film was terrific and the sound track was also. Get out more in the world and stop being so LA. John
John - August 12, 2014 at 4:48pm
Just went to Apple site and watched the new adds , THAT'S MORE LIKE IT!!
SayingWhatEveryone'sThinking - August 12, 2014 at 7:02am
Horrible ad. Apple needs to go back to the ad agency that made brilliant ads. This was just awful. Wow. It shows how they're more focused on being politically correct rather than making innovative products. Do we need to be smelly hippies to buy Apple now?