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iPhone Usage Rates by State [Chart]

iPhone Usage Rates by State [Chart]

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Chitika Insights has analyzed hundreds of millions of U.S.-based iPhone ad impressions to determine iPhone usage on a state-by-state basis.

The data was taken from December 25 through 31, 2014, so it included traffic from devices given as gifts during the most recent Christmas holiday.

Interestingly, with further analysis Chitika determined that there was a correlation between iPhone usage rates and education level and population density.

Our analysis does point towards state-level evidence on the factors affecting iPhone usage rates. iPhone usage shares are positively correlated with level of education and population density at the state-level. The relationship also held across median income as well, however the high correlation in median income and education level resulted in redundancy of this particular variable.

Take a look at the chart below for more details. Alaska has the highest usage rates at 65.5%. New Mexico has the lowest rates at 40.5%.

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iPhone Usage Rates by State [Chart]

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