Microsoft Announces 'Windows Hello' Biometric Finger and Face Authentication [Video]

Microsoft Announces 'Windows Hello' Biometric Finger and Face Authentication [Video]

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Microsoft today announced 'Windows Hello', a new biometric authentication feature for Windows 10.

With Windows Hello, you’ll be able to just show your face, or touch your finger, to new devices running Windows 10 and be immediately recognized. And not only is Windows Hello more convenient than typing a password—it’s more secure! Our system enables you to authenticate applications, enterprise content, and even certain online experiences without a password being stored on your device or in a network server at all.

How It Works:
Windows Hello introduces system support for biometric authentication – using your face, iris, or fingerprint to unlock your devices – with technology that is much safer than traditional passwords. You– uniquely you– plus your device are the keys to your Windows experience, apps, data and even websites and services – not a random assortment of letters and numbers that are easily forgotten, hacked, or written down and pinned to a bulletin board. Modern sensors recognize your unique personal characteristics to sign-you-in on a supporting Windows 10 device.

Which devices, you ask? Well, there will be plenty of exciting new Windows 10 devices to choose from which will support Windows Hello. And, if your device already has a fingerprint reader, you’ll be able to use Windows Hello to unlock that device. For facial or iris detection, Windows Hello uses a combination of special hardware and software to accurately verify it is you – not a picture of you or someone trying to impersonate you. The cameras use infrared technology to identify your face or iris and can recognize you in a variety of lighting conditions.

Of course, convenience and simplicity should never sacrifice security and privacy. Windows Hello offers enterprise-grade security that will meet the requirements of organizations with some of the strictest requirements and regulations. It’s a solution that government, defense, financial, health care and other related organizations will use to enhance their overall security, with a simple experience designed to delight.

Authentication With a Password:
“Passport” is a code name for a programming system that IT managers, software developers and website authors can use to provide a more secure way of letting you sign-in to their sites or apps. Instead of using a shared or shareable secret like a password, Windows 10 helps to securely authenticate to applications, websites and networks on your behalf—without sending up a password. Thus, there is no shared password stored on their servers for a hacker to potentially compromise.

Windows 10 will ask you to verify that you have possession of your device before it authenticates on your behalf, with a PIN or Windows Hello on devices with biometric sensors. Once authenticated with “Passport”, you will be able to instantly access a growing set of websites and services across a range of industries – favorite commerce sites, email and social networking services, financial institutions, business networks and more.

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Microsoft Announces 'Windows Hello' Biometric Finger and Face Authentication [Video]

PinkCooken - March 19, 2015 at 5:27pm
Awesome . This is what we call invention or technology
Userhllow - March 18, 2015 at 2:33pm
What if I boot of a media are files encrypted by default?! Or safe mode !!
King Gates - March 18, 2015 at 3:03am
better than Mac & cheese, now copy that
Ren - March 17, 2015 at 8:20pm
Wait until someone steals your information by holding you up at hostage forcing you to log in so they can take it.
Ren - March 17, 2015 at 10:56pm
OMG! Sheep talking!
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